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[march 11, 2018]

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

new books

finally my new books arrived, I like to get my inspiration for books from movies. it's even better if I haven't actually seen the movie yet. anyway, here's my list:

  • alice's adventures in wonderland
  • oliver twist
  • the help
  • clockwork orange
  • breakfast at tiffany's

really looking forward to cozy evenings including a nice cup of tea. after having some health issues I was really happy to call a good book my friend. a movie add in london made me buy my last book "we need to talk about kevin".

the plot is easy: eva writes letters to her husband. eva is a modern, cosmopolitan woman with her own business. eva never really wanted to be a mother. her son shot several kids, a teacher and a cafeteria worker at school.

while getting this information straight at the beginning, throughout the book you start to understand eva's way of dealing with things. at some point, you even understand kevin. what you don't expect is the ending, even though you thought you knew it all along.

as usual, I'm almost sad the book has an end. what I don't really anticipate is watching the movie. maybe if I accidentially stumble upon it on TV in a few years, even though I admire Tilda Swinton (who plays the man character eva) I'm not too keen to see it.

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