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[march 11, 2018]

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


sometimes my brain is too loud. I like to think of my dad's advice: "don't put too much cabbage on your plate" which is probably the most german thing to say, but it means, don't put too much on your plate. if others are able to work 14 hours a day, but you can't - it's totally fine.

along with the cabbage-idea he always said: turn off the tv, turn off the music, go for a walk.. give your brain a rest. guess my dad does know me well, I tend to think too much. today I felt like walking. it didn't look as picturesque as in the photo above, that was a few weeks ago, today it actually  rained, but I walked anyway.

we get way too much input these days, we forget the in-put in-side of us (that makes it just PUT, right?). no, imagination. let's take: pornography. access to porn is so easy now, people forget to get turned on by the idea itself, or their own bodies - not healthy. second example: books. I've met a few people lately, they say they don't read. they just don't. I couldn't believe it, it's like they just don't take a piss in the morning - but that's just my point of view. TV all day, and all night.. some claim they can't sleep without the TV running.. it kills imagination.

my brain works best when my body is moving. to keep up my lifestyle (haha), I clean twice a week. + extra money + physical work is really relaxing. sometimes my brain is so loud, I walk around with my headphones on but forget to turn on the music. it's like sleep, my subconsciousness is processing every little thing that has been bothering me, ever. I get epiphanies while cleaning, pretty cool huh?

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