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[march 11, 2018]

Monday, October 6, 2014

happy birthday

october 2014 marks the fight club movie's 15th anniversary. hooray! time to celebrate and dig up my memories to the movie. when it first aired in cinema's worldwide, I was still very young, so the first time I've actually seen the movie was probably in my early teens.

I loved the movie right away. the plot-twist, the bromance of the main characters, the pixies, helena bonham carter... I was shocked to find out the movie had totally failed at the box office. but I soon realized - this is what initially happens to most mediums that end up as classics.

what I really want to focus on now is the book though. I'm useless when it comes to reading the book after seeing the movie. I gave up halfway through "the two towers" because I was too influenced by peter jackson's vision to make up middle earth in my brain. but let me tell you: fight club book vs. movie isn't even a battle. it's harmony, simply amazing. 

a good friend gave me one of chuck palahniuk's more recent books for my birthday (doomed) and right away I passionately adored his cynical style. oh my god - my music mix randomly put on "where is my mind", shaking a little over here. so now it's my goal to read every single one of his books. and thank goodness, he writes a lot. as fight club was one of his creations, and I haven't seen the movie in a while, I thought I'd give it a try.

the movie is amazing, because it is the book. 1:1. the book obviously adds to the plot but the scenes missing don't ruin the story in the movie, at all. even though I knew the twist, it didn't minimize the joy of reading. I won't be getting all spoilery here, let me just say: the endings differ.

I highly recommend you read at least one of chuck palahniuk's books in your life. immediately.

"at the time, my life just seemed too complete, and maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves."


  1. the book is great! I can't even tell what I like more - the book or the movie =)
    I've been wanting to write a post about it for over a year now xD

  2. Book before adaptation any day but Fight Club is just like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where it completely does the book justice!
    Lou | lolaspooks.com

    1. hi lola, thanks for the hint - putting the book on my list now! happy halloween!