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Sunday, October 12, 2014

travel guide

I've did my small bit of travelling/backpacking in new zealand (2011) and more recently in thailand & cambodia this May-June. with my ability to attract trouble and bad luck, I have some of my own travel advice to give:

don't fall into holes. see photo above for the lovely hole/canal my leg had the pleasure of "meeting". remember when travelling in tropical areas, even the smallest wounds - mostly from the waist down - can get infected. in my case, this ended up in me having to get a painful surgery where a dodgy island-doctor had to cut open my knee. very painful, but the nurses and doctors did a great job, so don't be as judgemental as me, the people are doing their best with what they're given. insurancies cover the costs, so don't be too lazy or careless to not get wounds properly cleaned right away.

don't lose your passport. sounds like an easy one, but I initially thought, carrying my passport with me at any given time is clever. wrong. I would recommend you keep it in your room or biggest bag. I lost my passport (and credit card, haha) on an island in thailand just two days before my flight home. it took a lot of nerves, taxis and luck to get it replaced in time. luckily enough, I left my drivers license in my backpack, as well as a copy of my passport and some extra photographs. make sure you put those on your packlist, and on the same note: scan your documents and save them on your mail account - easy access world-wide!

don't be on your own. whether you're partying, hiking or travelling from A to B, find a buddy or don't leave your friends by themselves. bad luck will find you in the most unlikely places, this is my advice to be safe. and if it's just that you both get into trouble, at least you're watching out for eachother.

and my final advice: travel far, and do it often. people always tell me, they either don't have the time or the money to do extensive travelling. I consider myself lucky at the moment, but if I don't get time to travel, I'll quit my job. if it's a question of money, I'll sell my car. really, eff all that. the world is a beautiful place and there's so much to see. my personal bucket list for the near-future: alaska, iceland, and new zealand again. the world is calling, and we must go!

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