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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, December 11, 2014

top 5 stupid things I've done 2014

5. letting my aggression take the best of me.
I don't dwell too much in happi- or sadness, but anger and rage are probably the emotions I find hardest to keep for myself. I do get quite aggressive when I'm in the anger-flow and this year it's taken on my work for the first time, so I try to find new outlets for this energy, like walking, drawing or writing.

4. drinking so much I insulted a taxi driver.
f-word. every fucking two fucking words. she wanted to abandon us in the middle of nowhere and I just wanted our money back, because the car broke apart and nearly broke my friends foot. in the end, she took us home, I apologized, and I cried - but I didn't get my money back.

3. drinking so much I fell over.
twice. I got my knee infected and stitches on my shin, after they cut open both wounds to clean them properly. my 3-year old niece caught on to this story and every time I have a bruise on my legs she'll ask "aunt lisi, did you drink alcohol again?"

2. losing my passport & bank cards
... while being sober on a beach in thailand, with only one single day to get everything sorted for my flight home. that took years of my life, and probably half the money I spent on the total trip of 5 weeks. bonus: I saw a police officer wearing nothing but a towel.

1. driving a vehicle across the country at 5 pm after 3 hours of sleep. 
that takes the cake because I fell asleep while driving in a curve going 150 km/h on a highway. LUCKILY my friend wasn't asleep and he gently steared the car back into the lane. I was in such a shock I actually laughed for 2 hours straight but later it sank in. I could have died right there, and taken one of my best friends with me - not to mention the two others driving right behind me. it only takes so little..

after all this, I'm more than ever happy to be alive and healthy. every mistake is a lesson learned - I'm glad I have the chance to do so. everyday I try to be a better person than the day before. living is learning, views can be changed, knowledge is never absolute.

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