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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ingredients to happiness

I've had a rather shit time at the transition from 2014-15, I was sick and useless to the point I've felt numb, so I didn't even realize how shitty & grumpy I was actually feeling. luckily that all changed last weekend, I had a great time and cherished it even more so because of the mentionned grumpiness.

to remind myself in the near future of shittiness I will be facing again some time of course, here's what made last weekend special:

make an effort. I've made brunch for my friends, which turned into an afternoon thing which we affectionately named a DUNCH (between lunch and dinner, makes sense?). brunch is fairly easy to prepare, made some stuff the day before - my absolute basics are bubbly wine, salmon, pancakes (in that order). it was ridiculously stuffing and rewarding - in return a friend made bolognese for dinner, yay!

fresh air. for months I've been facing problems with staying asleep mostly. every night, I woke up after only 4 hours of sleep which isn't great in the long run. my immune system was at an absolute low and I had some sort of infection (throat, nose, ears, even TEETH!) every other week. so I tried to take on some new habits, like going for a walk every day. it's not hard to include in your daily routine, I only walk for half an hour. when I FINALLY got around to go snowboarding for the first time this year, I could already notice an increased endurance and improvement of sleep quality - from just a week of walking!

get over yourself. I got a really cool simpsons t-shirt last week and proudly wore it to the local pub. I was striding towards the toilet like I owned the place, and everyone was smiling at me and my shirt. so I thought. when I wanted to sit down, I noticed I was "flying low".. like, all the way. and I wore super-stretchy pants so the gap was enormous. brilliant haha!

have faith in humanity. hahahah, I'm generally really annoyed with people that aren't in my "inner circle" of friends. I've come to find small talk incredibly useless and I'm not a smooth talker anyway. meeting and getting to know people is eff-ing hard work and let's be honest, it usually doesn't pay off. BUT WAIT, sometimes it actually does though! there are still some gems of people left to meet - not just on a secluded island in south-east-asia, but also in my tiny little hometown!

set your priorities. fries before guys, is all I'm saying.

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  1. I get sooo easily annoyed with people as well, even sometimes the ones I am friends with. And I've found small talk is useless and hard-work - just need to make more of an effort I guess!

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