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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, February 12, 2015


don't worry.. it's not in 3D

Emma Stone and the trailer had me rushing to the cinema almost immediately - well, at least as soon as I found the time. sadly, I missed the OV screening, there were only two of those anyway, shame.

birdman is about an aging actor (Micheal Keaton), who got famous for playing the superhero "birdman" decades ago but has declined to play another sequel, ever. now he's trying to prove himself once more and produce a broadway show with him in the lead.

the movie gives great insights on the daily life in a theatre, and the way it was shot and the drum-heavy music was well selected and fitted the restlessness of Michael Keaton's main character. the whole movie looks like a one-shot, but the few and small time jumps were included smoothly.

Stone plays his daughter & assistant, fresh from rehab. I really like her as an actress and she does a good job - her eyes are disturbingly huge in this one. big surprise was also Edward Norton, always been a fan and he simply hasn't aged in the last 20 years or so. his role of the actor that has to "save" the show is very interesting to watch, as he's a compete nutter, but similarly brilliant.

honestly, the trailer is a little misleading, as I thought it would be more on the comic side when the main character is rather dealing with inner demons. what I liked most about the movie is, that you have to figure out the intention of it yourself, not having the obviuos storyline in your face.

on trailers: I had the BEST experience ever watching "interstellar" without knowing what it's about and never seeing a single trailer or piece of it. I highly recommend this approach, but if you want to know what birdman's about, I'm not going to stop you: