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[march 11, 2018]

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

holiday at home - zillertal valley, austria

even though I spent five weeks in asia last year, somehow I managed to collect overtime at work. that's why my colleagues ever so nicely sent me on holiday this week, yay! the sun's out permanently, and time off without travelling or festival-hopping is much needed, as I'm not getting younger obviously.

so far I've treated the weekend as usual, some skiing, some couch-potatoing and a night out, it's carneval over here! we got a group together and dressed up as batman, robin (me) and catwoman. it was good fun but not too crazy, thank god - two schnapps and I'm spreadable, as we call it!

Monday started off with the things I had to do.. finally recycling and getting all my trash away that I kept around for months, ew. I passionately recycle.. and that's it, taking it out is another story. then I took my sister's dogs out for a walk: zaro, a black lab-collie mix who never seems to get tired and slightly older luca, a black husky-lab mix. then I took my 3-year old niece and headed to the riding stable I used to go to as a young cowgirl. they breed haflingers, a warmblooded alpine horse with redish-brown fur and a white mane, versatile creatures with lots of character!

that's luca. she looks so cute but she would probably eat me if she could.

my plan for Tuesday was initially having a proper spa-day at a 5* hotel nearby - sports pool, saunas & massage. as I was on my own though I wasn't too keen on public saunas and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on just a swim and a "back scrub". instead I treated myself to these babies:

women's nike zoom force 1 x boa (can't find them online!)

I know, I know.. in the end they're worth a lot more money than a day at a spa, but I had some money put aside - for a new laptop actually. honestly though, I've had my last snowboard boots for 14 years. one can imagine how bad my feet hurt everytime. so I tried them out on the mountain straight away, very happy with them, I feel like I can finally move on and get better with my snowboarding. I'm fairly good at going switch now - going "both ways" if you're not familiar with snowboard-slang ;)

view's not too bad (ski region of Mayrhofen)

after approving of my new boots, I decided to take the dogs for a walk once again. my sister's really busy at the moment and not feeling too well so I thought I'd do her (and the dogs) a little favour. this time we did a nice 2-hour tour around both sides of the main river "ziller" that flows through the valley and which it was named after.

in return, my sister invited me to stay for dinner - wraps! what an easy and simple meal for a larger crew/family in that case. spending all day in fresh air with lots of activity, I ate as many as her fiancée - which is a lot for tiny me, haha!

not to miss out on spa and wellness completely, I heated up my parents' infrared cabin. they've both been retired for some years now and treated themselves to this magic wooden box, and boy, am I happy to use it from time to time! it's not as hot as a sauna, around 45-50°, and it's a different heat: infrared warms you from the inside, it does feel a bit like a fever, as opposed to the slightly burning feeling on your skin in a finnish sauna.

after a well-needed shower and a huuuuge cup of tea I'm now sitting here and so much looking forward to more days in the sun, on the snow, and on the mountains! tonight I'm gonna sleep like a baby, I'm sure. if you want to know more about my home, visit www.zillertal.at/en

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