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Monday, February 23, 2015

the wanderlust tag

travelling - yay! possibilities are endless, our generation's hopping around the planet like none before, so what have I been up to? [tag as seen on eärendil]

where was your first plane to?
london with my sister, I was 15 years old. and I honestly thought - until I sat on my seat - that I would be able to open the windows. hilarious, I know.

where have you travelled to that you would love to visit again?
new zealand. all the way, over and over again. been there for 2 months, travelled over 6000 km but still - not enough!

you're leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?

new zealand, again. over and over again. and mostly because it's really expensive.
second choice would be iceland, joining a tour across the country with a herd of ponies.. again, mucho dinero!
third choice, renting a caravan and exploring the westcoast of the USA, the national parks and alaska - and canada!

preferred method of travel: planes, trains or car?

I've really come to like trains and busses, sleeping on those is no problemo. I hate short flights, they give me headaches. hiring a car and driving is a pricy option, but I do love a scenic road-trip and don't mind driving myself!

top three travel items? 

camera, phone, neck cushion. one thing I HAVE to get is a travel safe. I've lost so much important shit and documents, and this truly is a life saver, I've heard.

favourite travel website?

blogs blogs blooooogs, all over the place. my favourite travel blog must be adventurous kate.

where would you travel to just to eat the food?

I'm guilty of not really trying local food, I have a sensitive stomache, meh.
I did try a lot of lamb-related dishes in new zealand - loved the mint sauce that came with it! and beetroot in a mc'd burger? YUM.
and cheese cake in scotland, they know what they're doing!

is there a place you would never go again?

I'm scarred for life - literally - by Thailand, but I love Bangkok. 
kind of disappointed by Berlin as well but I'm ready to give it a second chance!

can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?

I was able to, but then I lost it. new passport in the making.

do you prefer window, aisle or middle seat?

1. window (view and comfort), 2. aisle (I HATE when people have to get up because of me)

how do you pass the time on the airplane?
reading and falling asleep to kids movies. I will NEVER ever take a sleeping pill again. if you have weird sleeping habits/problems like me, you'll end up NOT sleeping and acting kind of trippy. I don't remember much, but according to my friend it was a little scary having me around, at least scarier than usual.


  1. I actually just LOL'd that you thought you could open plane windows - that is brilliant haha!! Your third choice on the money is no object question sounds so perfect, I'd love to travel across the westcoast of America, Alaska and Canada. Really need to to save enough money to get to New Zealand too. xx


    1. haha I know right? had the image of a "floating bus" in my head for a reeeeaaally long time.. I'm planning to do california for 3-4 weeks in september now, already saving up for it :)

  2. Neck cushion.. YES very much needed I think! I'd be nowhere without them on a flight! X

    1. they're brilliant, I can sleep with it ANYWHERE. do you have a "proper" one? mine's inflatable for space-reasons, but I'm always tempted to grab a "real" one!

  3. haha nice, looks like we have similar travel tastes! why was Thailand scary? and Iceland is the best country I've been to :D
    x GNAR MOSH x