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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

we're gonna party like it's your birthday

I put my annual check-up at the dentist just a day after my birthday. while I was sitting on the chair in my own sweat - yes, I'm a bit anxious - it was creeping up on me that it was a bad idea. but after a quick look at my choppers, mr. dentist declared:

"I can really tell you're taking care of yourself now, but you do have some 'old burdens' to carry."

I was thrilled to walk out after only ten minutes. but that quote can really be applied on my life right now. I've made some changes recently, can't mention this enough - little to no alcohol, less tv, more walks/exercise, more cooking/creating.. just genuinely taking care of myself - and others. bake some muffins, prepare some brunch, get a gang together for a day of skiing/snowboarding.

on a completely other note: honestly, I actually never thought I'd still be single now. when I moved out three years ago, I did have in mind I might move in with a significant other soon. but - it just hasn't happened yet and it's ok. more than ok, because instead I got a great network of friends, which I never thought could get any better. the level of caring and intimacy is overwhelming sometimes. I mean, talk about bowel-movements? no big deal, haha.

it sometimes seems to me, I wouldn't even have the emotion left to have a romantic relationship. these feelings lie somewhere buried deep in a corner of my heart. I've tried resurfacing them, but maybe I or the SO didn't try enough. all I can hope for is that I'm not missing any chances.

I mean, how grown up can you really be at 26?

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