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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, March 19, 2015

"do you believe in life, love or death?"

that's a random question I definitely didn't expect to hear at the local bar. my initial answer was: "it's probably the easiest to believe in death." - DEATH is something we witness or at least have to deal with at some point. but it got me reflecting nonetheless..

thoughts about death.. and what happens after. better question: what happened before we were born? there are people who seem to remember bits from a past life (under the influence of LSD, mind). does that mean, our soul can evolve into something immortal? I like to question things and turn them around: so IF there is an afterlife, there has to be a pre-life as well, right?

does a fetus already have a soul? what happens after an abortion, forced or not, does its soul "wander" and find another living form? I would like to believe that, very much.

rant: I am a firm believer, that women get to choose what happens to their body, and their future, and even an unborn's future, without being judged. if you're not involved at all, or have never been in the exact position - judging is so easy. if that is so, before even arranging your thoughts, consider yourself LUCKY. rant over.


I always thought, the whole being-reborn-shit is having an excuse to not live this life to the fullest, that you get a second (or endless) chance(s), over and over again. I guess, that mindset was a little too black and white. #yolo?

I have met people who seem to have a very tolerant outlook on life and are very mature at a young age. might I have encountered an "old soul" already? children are born with so much character, and do make their own choices from a young age - is this genetic, or are they being guided by past experiences, that they obviously don't remember?

hypothetically speaking - I do feel like a "new soul". I'm eager to learn and open to new perspectives. life - to me - is a journey of learning. so if I should decide to believe in LIFE, I believe in change. life is so complex, there's so much more to it than we even consider - thank god!

that's a lot to stomache, so I'll just skip the whole LOVE part of the question - for now.


  1. That was nice to read. Life overall is so confusing, but I strongly believe that things happen for a reason, there isn't anything actually random. And I totally agree on the point about abortion, every body should have the right to decide about their own body. Have a nice day,

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    1. thank you for your comment, vera! each individual has their own theory how things are connected or make sense. otherwise, why would we even bother! it was hard wording these thoughts, but simply HAD to get them out there! take care