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[march 11, 2018]

Monday, March 2, 2015


I could always tell when I'm in love, because I stopped hearing the music. I knew I lost my heart to an actual person, when the butterflies didn't flutter around my core while listening to music. 

a subtle touch in the back of your neck, where you're the most sensitive. a hot wave washing over your body, just before shivers run down your back. a deep breath relaxes all your insides, and your mind. you feel so much you actually have to close your eyes to keep it all inside, trying to grasp it.

the love for music is the purest emotion I know, probably the only one I truly found for myself. nobody had to explain, there are no cheesy movies about it, no compromises. it's not about looks or illusions. from time to time, I'd just turn off the lights, lie down on the floor and turn up the music. 

lately I've been reminiscing my teenage years.. lots of linkin park up to meteora going on. how passionately I've been listening to music back then, almost religiously. memorizing every word, every riff, every cut. I hold on to the past so much because I find it really hard listening to new music now.

funnily enough, a cover version of muse's "hysteria" brought back that passion. the way emotions forced themselves upon me, realizing I've locked them away all this time.. it's scary. and liberating. and just so you know, when the world is ending, I'll have this song on full blast:


  1. which songs do you love these days?

  2. like I said, new music is really hard for me to get into... the most recent album I absolutely LOVED was kasabian's 48:13. queens of the stoneage's most recent album "like clockwork" and their classic "rated R" will be my forever favourites as well. have you got any tips for me? I'd love to hear your recommendations!