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Monday, March 9, 2015

liebster award

hihi, exciting! like-minded spirit & lovely blogger ThePunkTheory from Le Cinéma en Rose nominated me for the LIEBSTER AWARD, thank you so much!

Here we go with the questions by Le Cinéma en Rose:
    Why did you start blogging?
    thanks to my older brother, I've been dabbling in the dephts of the internet since around.. 2000. I was always trying to find a way to get my content out there, started out with a beepworld-page with GIFs all over the place when I was around 11, I remember I had to BUY space for a tiny little picture of my favourite horse back then. followed by myblog at 15 where I had my teenage problems ALL over the place, incl. subtle song lyrics and lots of emo-selfies, actually.
      What’s the story behind the name you chose?
      "I'm not here to hide" is a quote from a beatsteaks song I hold very near and dear. read more about that here.
        Of all the post you wrote until now which one is your favourite?
        probably the one about change, it's very passive-aggressive, because I can't tell the person it was intended for. but while writing it, which went pretty fast and just like that, I came to an actual conclusion that helped me move on.
          Tell me about your favourite song.
          I found a mix-cd from a few years back, and recently they hit really close to home, most of all "don't stop believing", an all-time classic. and die ärzte's "das lied vom scheitern" - it roughly translates to the "song about failure", and every single line is a quote. whenever it comes on in my car and the song goes "you're at your best, when you don't even care at all" I always tear up, always.
            What’s your favourite book and why?
            I regularly re-read all harry potters every other year, which is a total exception to my usual reading habits. apart from that I've been absolutely worshipping everything chuck palahniuk has written/writes.
              What’s the worst movie you ever saw?
              the lorax was cringeworthy. but so bad it's good: snow sharks was really - unpredictable.
                What was the best and the worst thing that happened to you in 2014?
                best + worst combo: realizing my body is a temple and needs to be taken care of properly. too much excess drinking.
                  Tell me about something you’d really love to do (but never dared to get it started).
                  moving somewhere abroad, I guess, because I always need a backup. since I don't have a proper home to fall back on anymore, moving without knowing what comes next is very scary.
                    Tell me about your favourite person (not some star, but someone close to you).
                    my favourite person is obviously a very close friend. what I like most about our relationship is, that I always find something to bring/gift.
                      What subject could you talk about 24/7?
                      pretty gross, but it would be the menstrual cup. I've been wanting to write about it for ages, don't know if it's too much though, haha.
                        What’s your best and worst trait?
                        I've been told by friends, that while I seem very cold and distant at times, I'm the most loyal and caring person, actually. but when I'm annoyed, I get very, very aggressive and out-of-this world angry, almost evil.

                        that's it! I nominate & encourage you to check out these writers:
                        The rules:
                        • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog. 
                        • Answer the questions given by the nominator. 
                        • Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and link them. 
                        • Notify all the bloggers you nominate. 
                        • Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.   

                        My questions:

                        1. what kind of blogs do you like reading yourself most?
                        2. state your typical morning routine.
                        3. if money wasn't an option, what would be the most unusual thing you'd like to buy right away?
                        4. is there a person who you would rather not have reading your blog?
                        5. in your group of friends, do you have a typical "role"?
                        6. what's the weirdest compliment you ever got?
                        7. which single attribute defines you most as a person?
                        8. the best meal you can cook!
                        9. which person has influenced you the most, or has been a role-model, while growing up?
                        10. is monday the worst day of your week? why (not)?
                        11. state your favourite word in a foreign language.
                        if anybody else feels like answering these questions, go for it! drop me a message, I'd love to read your answers.

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                        1. I love your answers! thank you for taking the time :-)