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[march 11, 2018]

Monday, April 20, 2015

my first festival experience

I used to be a little boy, haha!

with the coachella-hype fading, I thought I'd seize the opportunity to share my own festival experience. having never witnessed a festival outside europe, the entire coachella-fashion-thing seems quite out of the world, really. but it seems it never rains there, so that alone makes me want to pack my things and go!

it was almost 10 years ago.. when I heard that my favourite band ever WEEZER was playing a show about two hours from my home. as I was only 16 years old then (and train connections are really bad), I'd have to rely on someone to drive with me. as I asked my older brother, he told me that they were also playing a festival nearby so we decided to go together!

family business. my brother is old-school rock'n'roll, I tell you: born '68, long hair, ozzy osbourne-glasses, denim jacket. as we do have quite the age-gap we never really spent much time together, I can't blame him. despite that, we do have a lot of common taste in music so we started our journey to the frequency festival in Salzburg/Austria. by train.

packing. as I had no experience whatsoever (and no blogs to follow, haha), he basically told me to bring: a tent, a sleeping bag and some snacks. I remember that the ticket for 3 days (plus 1 afternoon that had been added lastminute) was only € 90 incl. camping, imagine that! we found a quiet spot near the exit to set up our tents, we also had a great view of the masses moving to/from the concert area.

alcohol. I think I was only drunk once before that festival (oh sweet 16!) alcohol was not really an issue. I only asked my brother to buy me a hot wine once, because a) it was really cold thanks to the rain and b) I looked like I was not a day older than 10.

endurance. if I had to narrow down my personality at 16 to one word: I was persistent. I spent all day from 1 pm to 1 am in the front row without food, toilet or a proper drink (they did hand around some water because it was BOILING, thank heavens). this way, I did see the largest part of all bands playing, even the not-so-popular ones that played early in the day. never miss out on those - some real gems to find then!

first love. this is not a soppy "we only have this night!"-story, that happened years later ;-). but festivals - the only social gathering I really enjoy! having thousands of people come together and celebrate the same music you love to listen to - amazing. I like to wander around by myself and would find somebody to hang out immediately. while I was waiting for weezer to play, a group of guys offered to put me on their shoulders - as I was (and still am) a really tiny person. they took turns and I enjoyed a perfect view for their entire set! priceless.

the line-up. oh the memories: 2 Many DJs, Adam Green, Asian Dub Foundation, Beatsteaks, Bolzplatz Heroes, Culcha Candela, Danko Jones, De Phazz, Die Toten Hosen, Farin Urlaub, Flogging Molly, Foo Fighters, Gentleman, Hot Hot Heat, Incubus, Infadels, Jan Feat. U.D.S.S.R, Julia, Kante, Kosheen, Ladytron, Massive Töne, MXPX, Northern Lite, Oasis, Pink As A Panther, Queens Of The Stone Age, Roots Manuva, She-Male Trouble, Soulwax, Sportfreunde Stiller, Stereo Total, Tamato, The Blue Van, The Bunny Situation, The Coral, The Editors, The Jessica Fletchers, The Others, The Raveonettes, The Subways, Weezer, When The Music's Over, William White


  1. I went to my first festival a year ago and I absolutely loved it. My journey was a bit further: Groezrock in Belgium. Alhtough it took forever to get there, was fucking cold and I was really ill afterwards, I loved it.
    Next week I'm hitting the road to Belgium again =)
    The tickets are a bit over 100 euros and they never raised the price in all the years the festival has existed which is really really awesome! The atmosphere there is just amazing.

    1. only heard good things about groezrock, might have to check that out next year!