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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

venice getaway

goddamnit, Italy is the country next to mine, but venice was always far away in my mind. when we were planning a weekend getaway with all the long weekends now in May, it came up again. who would have thought it's only a 5 hour train ride from home? times were perfect as well, leaving in the morning and coming back in the not so late evening, we had almost 48 hours in the city.

view from the train

train hack: sit in the restaurant car. even though we left on Sunday, the train was already well filled due to the holiday. as we made to sit down next to the toilet, we noticed the empty restaurant car. we decided to sit there and have some drinks anyway. the prices are normal to cheap I would say, and nobody minded us even reading and sleeping in there.

where to stay: I wanted our room to be close to the train station but not too far off from the main sights. we stayed at the backpackers house venice through hostelworld and it was just perfect: easy to find, only 5 minutes from the station, at a lively square. since we arrived early, we got to choose our room and we settled for the quiet one, obviously. the shared bathroom was clean as well, the bed comfortable and clean - since we would only sleep there, what more do we need?

the centre of venice is a peninsula the perfect size, I swear. everything is within walking distance, and I never felt I had seen it all or even bored.

what to pack: two words - dress appropriately. I immediately noticed - I'm awfully aware of these things - that nobody was wearing shorts and tanktops, even sandals were very rare. if you want to visit the countless churches and museums, wear t-shirts and long pants. not just out of respect, they do have security that will send you away if you don't!

since we walked around the city from 07.00 am (we're insane, I know) I chose not to wear sandals/flip flops, but my trusted running shoes. they're comfortable, airy and black. I also sported a hat because I get sun-strokes easily. last but not least - I wore my fannypack with pride. it's simply the perfect size for money, camera and phone. it doesn't tangle my hair or pull at my shoulders, like a purse would. I even attached some bells to it so my friend always knew that I was around - I get lost so easily, haha!

fannypack-hack (this word is amazing): sometimes you won't be allowed to take backpacks into the churches, so keep that in mind! there are so many shops, restaurants and snack bars that you don't have to bring food around at all.

what I didn't expect: honestly, I thought it would be dirty and smelly. neither applied in reality. the streets were swiped clean every night, rubbish being picked up everyday. the smell in the air was the salty ocean-air. I didn't think it was that touristy either, there are a lot of locals and students around, nothing is overly in your face. it was downright lovely.

you don't have to pay to enter every church, and if so, it was only a few €s. if there was no entry fee, I mostly lit a candle against a small donation anyway. we also saw some cats and a lot of dogs roaming free and in peace. what shocked me was that I saw a seagull eat a dove. twice. it was fascinating to watch though.

cost breakdown: 
train from Austria to venice & back € 80
2 nights in a double room with shared bathroom € 70
food (2 dinners and 2 breakfasts - we skipped lunch) € 70
museum/church entries or donations € 50


  1. Nice to see that you had such a great time there!
    I visited Venice a few years ago and it really is a beautiful city but unfortunately it was rather dirty back them. Seems like they cleaned it up! =)

  2. Danke für deine lieben Worte! Ich hab dazu noch ein neues Update auf dem Blog und würde mich freuen, wenn du mal vorbeischaust. Vielleicht ist das neue Projekt ja auch was für dich :)