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[march 11, 2018]

Monday, May 11, 2015

weird shit I've done

following the "slogan" of my blog, shortly after this photo was taken - I undressed.

some years ago, I attended a festival, and rumour had it that people met up at some point to get naked. yes, you just read that. so when I got hold of a flyer to know when & where, I was all up for it!

let me explain: the project is called NAKED HEART and was initiated by photographer gerrit starczewski. he's mostly known for his "dancing shoes" shots where he takes photos of musicians' shoes/feet on stage! 

what did we do?
we all met at a field that was closed off from public. obviously, a lot of people just wanted to watch and not participate so that wasn't an option, thank heavens. after we all undressed, we were then positioned in the shape of a heart, held up heartshaped cardboards and colourful fabrics. for one shot we all ran at the photographer, jumped and tossed confetti around. if you want to have a look, you can see his work here.

why did we do it?
it started 2012 with the slogan "free pussy riot". in general, it's all about a social & intuitive experience of body, art and music combined. be free, wild & wonderful. be carefree & light-hearted. live the moment & don't let your fears & doubts ruin your day-to-day life.

how was it?
being naked isn't necessarily a sexual thing. of course, if you're first surrounded by a few dozen people, you have no idea where to look and your eyes start to wander! (side note: I think, everybody looks great naked.) it was very refreshing, having nothing to hide behind. a naked body is JUST a naked body, nothing more and nothing less. nothing scary, or awkward. we all had a good laugh and as always - you can never know, if you never try! funny thing is, I actually didn't recognize most people afterwards when they were fully clothed. weird.

fact: I was in national newspapers twice and even on the news. naked. full frontal nudity, HA!

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