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[march 11, 2018]

Friday, July 24, 2015

"we greatly value your opinion!"

while I'm still dealing with my past and how it influences my present behaviour - the devil never sleeps. recently, I have been dealing with a lot of hate and negativity towards how I spend my time and mostly my job.

I've always been very professional. while I'm socially awkward and low in self-esteem, if I have to go on stage and co-host a concert in a non-native language in front of 100 strangers - no problem. this same person has never made a friend by themself. only way I can explain this is, at work I understand that the audience actually wants and needs to hear what I have to say.

it's weird. people are complex. and they're full of anger & hate. all this talking behind your back, sabotage and negativity - sadly, it has nothing to do with starting a conversation, or criticism or trying to create something better, because that would actually help! some people just stir up some shit to get their frustration out, and this has spread like a disease in my small-town community.

I have no idea why people have so much aggression in the first place. but sadly, it's considered normal to talk behind people's backs, degrading their achievements and sabotaging eachother's projects - even if they're shooting themselves in the foot by doing so. all this negativity causes even more anger, and the circle is complete.

I'm breaking out now. I've realized, there are valid opinions, and there are shit-stirrers. don't take it personally, because it's not even about you or what you do - it's about their own issues. I actually feel sorry if anger & aggression are the only ways a person can express him-/herself. don't fight fire with fire, rise above it, show compassion. make positivity a standard!


  1. Don't ever let those shit-stirrers get to you! You are a great person and it's simply not worth the time dwelling over stuff like that. Worrying about stuff like that only gives them what they want.
    Rising above it and and not giving a shit is exactly the right way to deal with it! =)