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Monday, September 14, 2015

how I ended up.. in event management [1/2]

being a bit more social recently, a lot of people I met have pointed out, how interesting they found my job! doing my work for a while now, I've seem to be stuck in some sort of rut, so I thought I'd look back on my journey so far. [edit: it's been a long one! click here for part 2]

up until 14, I took the standard route in Austria, no special school, nothing. school was easy for me so I knew I wanted to do my a-levels, at least. I visited a commercial school which specialised in tourism, firstly because it was rather close to my home and secondly, as I live in a tourist region, there would be plenty of work waiting for me afterwards! the itinerary demanded work placement during the summer holidays so I earnt a little money on the side as well as experience.

uni vs. work:
so I finished my a-levels as one of the top 3 of the class, and had no idea what to do with it. I wasn't too sure where my path would lead me, so I put university on hold for now. and most of all: I wanted to earn my own money, finally! it was kind of hard to find a job, for some I was too well educated (waitress, kitchen), for some too little (assistant manager)! after I signed up at a website where possible employers would find me instead of the other way round, I got offered a job as receptionist!

first work experience:
so my first proper job was in a boutique hotel in a different resort, about 2 hours drive from home. good thing about jobs in the tourist department: you usually get a room & food for free! the owners were rather young and open-minded. they let me do my thing and I had a lot of responsibility from day 1. I was by definition head receptionist (being the only one, haha) & assistant to the management. 

the bumpy road after:
after 2 years there was an incident with unfair payment, so I left at the end of summer. my friend and I wanted to travel NZ the summer after, so I found a temporary job as receptionist close to home, just for the winter season. after travelling, I wanted to slow down and took a job as 3rd receptionist and only 5 days/week. what an absolute failure that was. one of my colleagues basically treated me as an idiot and I let her step all over me, it had gotten so far that I got major stomach-pains and so on.

the tourist industry:
work in the tourist industry is hard, physically and mentally. working crazy hours between 7 am and 01 am, around 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, during holidays and weekends, is by all means, standard! as you are working with customers, you have to look and act your best at all times. BUT you do get to meet a lot of people and gather different experiences: changing your job every season (winter/summer) isn't considered a bad thing, the more the better!

more about my current job coming soon in part 2.


  1. Can't wait to read part 2!
    Event Management was my favourite internship so far, definitely something I'd love to do in the future =)

    1. thank you dear :) definitely thankful for the opportunity. part 2 has yet to be written, it just turned out to be so long, time flies by so fast. have good day