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[march 11, 2018]

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

how I ended up.. in event management [2/2]

one of the events I organized.. evil dead II screening in a forest. incl. SFX, of course.

as I wrote this, the path I've taken was longer than I thought, so if you want to read about school and my first jobs before finding out more about my current work in event management, click here first for part 1.

job interview
a friend actually saw the ad for this and pointed it out to me. at that time, I was very unhappy at my reception job and chose to quit anyway. the alternative would have been a very romantic one.. I would have followed a guy I briefly met to Belgium. who knows how that would have turned out? anyways, I went into the interview with nothing to lose. the local tourist industry is a little like the mafia - it matters most who you're related to. me being the underdog, I didn't have my hopes too high & that calmed me down a lot. my boss told me later that she hired me because of the quote: "I have no partner, no dog, no kid - I can work whenever you want!". 

fresh starts
I remember the phone call very well, I was at my sister's. I knew my fate would be decided that very moment, and I was so full of joy when she said YOU'RE HIRED. that feeling alone made me forget about the foolish idea to follow a guy instantly. what I did right away was prepare a notebook with all the information about the company I could find... floor plans, event calendars, contacts - I had it all on the ready when I started.

the notebook
my boss was really impressed when she saw it! while I just thought it to be handy (I write down everything, hence the blog, duh), it did send the right signals: I was super-motivated! I took notes on my daily tasks & responsibilities, do's & don'ts as well as the jobs I got done. after three years now, I've just started my third notebook, but this time I went even further, put in motivational quotes, work goals & my general guidelines - with a lot of colour involved. hard for me to admit, but it helps!

"what am I good at? english, spelling and type-writing. what a waste of time." I shit you not, that train of thought was running in circles in my brain after finishing school. holy guacamole, these are brilliant skills to bring to the table! basically all you need for every office job: be good with words/text, impeccable spelling, multiple languages (german, english, plus basic italian, french & spanish), organisational skills (worst case scenarios, back-up plans, delegate tasks, etc.). but the most important trait, in every business, is the passion to learn. every fucking day. knowledge is infinite. be open to new ideas and criticism, don't be stubborn or butt-hurt, take every chance to learn or try things differently. this will also keep you from getting stuck in a rut.

being in charge [almost]
we are a small team and I'm the "last one in line" (of three, haha). but since I'm project coordinator as well, I'm basically my own boss most of the time. I need to see that my work is done, but if I shut down my computer for the evening/weekend, it stays as it is, and that is something wonderful. nobody to mess up your work, no worried glances to the phone ("is everything going ok, I wonder?") and so on. compared to the hospitality business, which runs 24/7, on your days off/holidays, this is pure heaven.

working hours
as I said in my job interview, I can work whenever needed. this means late nights & weekends as well, but in a very balanced way. I know months before if I need to work late or on the weekend, so I can plan well ahead. these extra hours also mean that I can leave my desk on Friday at noon if nothing's happening, so big thumbs up for that. since I'm working the office/phone, I do have a classic 8-5 work day. "this is so 2009" you might say, but after years in the tourist business, it actually is a welcome relief for me.

I'll just leave it here as it is still getting waaay too long. I could go on forever!
thank you for reading. if there's anything you'd like to know, holla at me in the comments.


  1. I love the photo! (and the event was amazing too ;-) )