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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

my first love

music will forever be my first love. I've seen more than 40 bands live before I've had my first kiss, if that puts anything in perspective for you, my dear readers?

although to be clear, I have never learned to play an instrument, but listening to music is probably the main passion of my life. I used to buy record by record, listen to them almost religiously, take in every word, reading every lyric sheet and memorize them by heart. oh, those sweet teenage years!

I spent hours simply lying on the floor of my dimly lit room, just taking it all in. the intro, the instruments, the voices.. as my record collection grew, I enjoyed randomly browsing through albums like visiting old friends.

if I remember correctly, my passion started with my pre-teens, at around 10 years of age. early favourites included HIM, eminem and evanescence. I started attending shows at 16, which is quite a drag if you live 1-2 hours drive from the next city - without a car or night transfers. but we made it work anyways, because we were driven by the experience of live music, the purest feeling of a "listener".

but as I got older, I felt the fire burn low.. fewer concerts, hardly any new albums - because it's hard work, getting to know a new record, or a new band - yet, even a new genre! while I found that exciting as a teenager, where my ears were ever-hungry for new material, I cherished my old tunes more and got boring, frankly.

after moving several times in the last years, I locked my record collection away safely in my parents' house. my laptop and mp3-player were both too old for the amount of music, so I got stuck in a rut of the same music. the most thrill I got was putting on my old mix-cds from my car and be like "I listened to that in '05? damn, I was such a cool kid" - haha.

BUT EVERYTHING CHANGED NOW. I am so late to join the fun, but I have discovered spotify. and boy, I love it! I can play anything I want, from cheesy 80s ballads to crazy 90s beats and everything my heart desires. I started making playlists by month, since that's what I did with my mixes as well, they were named after the month I made them.

it's a lot easier to find new music, since they suggest similar artists or go through stranger's playlists! if you can and want to, you can check out my first 3 playlists - username is lisiledbetter. they're crazy as hell, but I love it!

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