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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, February 4, 2016


if anything could ever feel this real forever
if anything could ever be this good again

I feel a lot. and I never sort of learned how to express all those emotions. nobody else, whether family or the few friends I had growing up, seemed to experience feelings similar to me, or they didn't care. I thought that my way was wrong and consequently I was different, once again.

looking back, it's heartbreaking that I've always wanted to be normal and like everybody else. while trying to blend in I became a faceless minion with no own opinion [that rhymed, cringe]. instead of embracing my unique personality, I denied it.

it took me so long to realize, that being different is interesting. that taking care of myself is not being selfish. understanding myself is essential to feel the vibes of those around you. I was judging myself as I was labelling others as well - which left me feeling inferior for the most part.

who dictates the norm, the standard? I live in line with the motto "normal is what doesn't hurt anybody" - so why not apply that to myself as well? it's a tough journey.. having feelings is broadly considered as being weak.

27 years on, I finally understand that having emotions is a beautiful thing - and what makes us human. letting emotions flow through me like a stream makes me feel more connected to the world around me. I cannot change my feelings, so why deny them?

I can now stand strong and state my feelings, and not be ashamed of them. it's in my nature, and at the end of the day I, and I alone, have to deal with them. showing my true colours can enhance the lives of those around me, they feel understood and cared about. what an amazing opportunity!

you attract what you put out in the world.. so get yourself out there!


  1. FOO FIGHTERS AHHHHHH OH MY GOD. Everlong is my all time favourite song, and I have so much love for it it's unreal!When I was a kid my older brother took me to their concert and I was tiny and we got to the barrier, then the security guard pulled me over bc I was too small but instead of chucking us out he got me a chair to sit in front of the stage and in the middle of everlong (one of the main reasons its my fav song) Dave bent down and high fived me :O Best concert I've ever been too aha.

    I definitely agree that you attract what you put out into the world for sure.Never let anyone define your normal, I mean, whats normal for me or you might seem mental to other people, and we have to accept that. Your motto is brilliant! I loved this post!

    Anne x

    1. hi anne!
      no. fucking. way. what an awesome story!
      the first time I heard 'everlong' was at their show at a festival, it was truly magical.
      so happy I found your blog, such a great read.