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[march 11, 2018]

Monday, March 7, 2016


what sets me apart from most other people is: I like to make decisions. when it comes to making up my mind, my brain goes monochrome - no grey areas. 

the scenario's always the same.. problems arise, I get stressed, I can't sleep, I get anxious. I need to face my fears and realize what's wrong. then follows a short time of sinking into self-pity but then I remember - I can do something about this

struggling with money? get a job. and another one.
I moved apartment rather spontaneously last year and obviously had to release a lot of money for security deposit, contract, and equipment/furniture I really needed. this left me helplessly broke and I sank into the state of blaming the world for being unfair (no wealthy family, being all by myself, blah blah). thankfully, I get sick of myself like this quite quick and it hit me like a brick, as simple as that: if you need more money, you gotta make more money. so I looked around and found a cleaning job which I could do once or twice a week. it's actually quite therapeutic having a hands-on job next to my office work!

that guy never calls you back? love yourself instead!
again, life is unfair for delivering idiot after idiot to your doorstep. don't you think you deserve to be loved after all this hardship? well, guess what, it just doesn't work that way... after heartbreak, your ego's at a low and your self-worth's decreasing. so before you get back on that horse and fall into the arms of the next mr. wrong, set your priorities straight. what do you even want from a relationship? I know having a bf sounds like the only thing that makes you complete.. but does it really fit into your lifestyle right now? do you want to study abroad or travel the world? take time for yourself... and remember why you're awesome. write it down on a piece of paper and put them up across your bed: honest, loyal, fun - if you forget your worth, others won't see it either.

you're feeling lost and unimportant? get out immediately!
you weren't invited to that party? your friends don't want to join you on your city trip - and go travel asia instead? don't take it personally. people lead their own lives, they're busy & confused, they forget, they might not have the extra cash for a european metropolis. if you're feeling the blues (or the anger) coming up, get out and take a walk. no music this time, let your brain do some rambling - the movement will help. and it won't kill you if you're ridiculously unfit like me!


  1. Great post!
    I think this really is a problem most people have. Instead of changing something they don't like, they'd rather keep complaining about it. I try to make a point about improving my life by not getting absorbed into unpleasant things and instead changing them!

    BTW the photo is cute, you look lovely =)

    1. thank you, always happy carrying 2 beers I guess ;)
      I just hate it when people blame everyone else and their surroundings for their problems, instead of just doing something about it.

    2. I didn't even notice the beer! XD

  2. okay, that last point really hit home for me, you have no idea. Because you see photos on social media and hear 'friends' talk about plans you weren't part of or aren't included in and I've been down for ages because thats not how I want to remember the end of high school. But then I realised that I don't need those people to make me happy, that happiness is something I should be defining for myself, not trying to find in cringe-inducing high school parties and monday morning hangovers.

    I guess I'm now determined to lead my own life, not let other people define it for me :)

    Thanks Lisi, this was a great post!

    Anne x

    1. thank you anne, for digging so far back :) don't be afraid to make mistakes though, it's the best way to learn.