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[march 11, 2018]

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

the only way out is through

one of my favourite quotes ever, it doesn't give you any excuses. I don't know about you, but I get these "EVERYTHING SUCKS BIG TIME-days" every other month. I can't really change it, or do anything about it, so after a few of those days, I go in prepared - if you can call it that.

problem is, you never see the dark times coming. sometimes they creep up slowly, those bastards - it's like the frog in the water: he won't even realize he's dying, because the heat increases ever so slowly. the easiest way to keep track of your mood is writing a short summary of every day

  1. what mattered that day (good or bad)
  2. how it made me feel and 
  3. what I take out of the experience.

going back on almost a year of records, it shocked me at how miserable I was obviously feeling without even noticing it! so start documenting your emotions to get a better grip.

but most of you will also be familiar with the "brick-wall-scenario": shit hit the fan. everything's falling through your fingers, sliding like sand. you're losing control of the situation. no argument here, it's gonna be a shitty day. 

honest to blog, I get really really aggressive on those days, so I try to avoid human contact - no partners, no friends, no family. I won't be much fun anyway and be aware: words hurt deep, they might be forgiven, but never forgotten. so I try to avoid arguments by keeping to myself completely.

and here's where you can turn your situation around: being alone is a chance! get a grip on your FOMO, you need time to recharge your batteries. I like to do this with the most trivial activities:

  • get some air: take a walk, sit at the window
  • prepare a hot beverage: my preference: chai latte with lots of honey. or hot chocolate!
  • have an alcoholic drink: one drink only! and enjoy it! I'd have a classic beer.
  • treat yourself to your favourite dish: talking about a standard meal, not buckets of ice cream ;-) - just something you really love to splurge on.
  • create art: whether writing, drawing, crafting - or simply colouring! 
  • clean your apartment: what better way to turn your negative energy into good!
    + bonus: a tidy apartment helps you de-stress even more
  • go to bed early and have a good night's worth of rest

if I follow these steps, I do feel a lot better and my mind/soul can see clearer. I relax and that "wall" (made of the bricks that hit me, get it?) between me and my fellow humans disappear. I'm more sensitive towards others and finally stop taking everything as an attack against me.

what I used to do is flaunt myself into human interaction (parties, alcohol, etc.) to be distracted from my problems. it might work for the moment, but as the title suggests, this isn't the real solution in the long run!

since my week started with today, I hope you all had a great start anyway!


  1. ja das stimmt :-)
    natürlich schreibe ich in erster Linie über Dinge, die mich interessieren, aber natürlich möchte ich auch, dass es meinen Lesern gefällt! Aber danke für deinen lieben Kommentar :-)
    Pinterest ist eine tolle Plattform, aber manchmal blicke ich da noch nicht wirklich durch :-D

    xoxo, L.

  2. I can totally relate! Great tips though...on some days, going to bed early truly is the best option you have! Have a great week!
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com