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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, April 21, 2016

a holiday for old people

I know this sounds horrible, but I've come to an age where my days off are a much-needed break and I really need to rest. gone are the days, where I did 3 festivals in 3 weeks (with work in between) or where I spent every free hour exploring the world. I'm getting old...

so I got 10 days off now, and I went to a spa hotel for the first time in my life - it was a mind-blowing experience. I will return, definitely, multiple times a year, haha! even though I would have gotten bored after more than the two nights we spent there, I cherished every moment of it.. eat, drink, sleep, repeat. the hotel itself wasn't a large resort, it felt very familiar and warm-hearted. plus, we had all-fucking-inclusive which came handy when we celebrated my friend's birthday!

after returning, I had an entire week ahead where I went into my usual weekend-routine: walking/hiking and preparing meals. I switched up the routine a bit:

  • getting up at 9 am (I'm usually awake by 6 am so that's enough sleep)
  • have a cup of tea, usually chai with a splash of honey (I'm on holiday!)
  • do some yoga (sun salutations are my absolute maximum, I'm really lazy..)
  • prepare some breakfast (avocado toast, banana pancakes, all the good stuff!)
  • have a walk with my sister's dogs (one is old/slow, the other restless/fast - they're tearing me apart!)
  • cooking lunch/dinner (selfmade pizza, my own twist on a vegetarian chili - with chick peas & lentils)
  • meet up with friends after they finished work (haha!)
  • fall asleep by 10 pm (not planned, but can't help it!)

but it's not all routine and bore, totally by accident I found out that juliette lewis and her band the licks are playing a show in munich tonight, so that's a must! and tomorrow it's munich again, when I bid goodbye to a good friend who is spending 3 weeks in a yoga retreat in cambodia, not too shabby indeed!

* this post was inspired by thepunktheory who has an insanely long to-do list at the moment. don't forget to rest! but again, you're still a few years younger than me ;)

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  1. OMG I am so jealous right now! That sounds like heaven - I guess I'm getting old too ;)