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[march 11, 2018]

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

juliette & the licks, munich 2016

I have always adored juliette lewis. the movies she made, the roles she portrayed and also the person she shows on her social media. when she released "you're speaking my language" back in 2005 with her band the licks I was all ears - and oh so suprised!

juliette's voice is truly amazing and her style backed with her attitude are right down my street. simply by accident, and religiously following her on instagram - I found out they were back on tour in europe, after splitting up back in 2009.

seeing bands I haven't seen before is always a big deal for me since I collected quite a list of my favourites already (I'm getting old!). so I was very excited and caught up on all their releases, spotify is a godsend here for me.

reading up on her recent shows around germany, they were all sold-out in smaller locations. the one in munich (Freiheizhalle) I have actually never visited before! the crowd was interesting and rather "alternative". I've seen a girl with galaxy-leggins and a DIY denim vest with a unicorn made of sequins. amazing. also some guys sported feathers in their hair, resembling the "terra incognita"-era.

the locations was great, I've never had a view like this in the middle of the crowd - I am a tiny person.
the stage was minimalistic, just the way I like my rock'n'roll to be. the concert itself was KISS, keep it short and simple. the setlist was a little rough, I missed the "flow" but most of my favourite songs were included.

I haven't mentionned it before, but the concert was on April 21, 2016, the day news spread of Prince's death. they played "purple rain" but I hadn't yet realized why, since it is a rather typical cover song to do live. she built up the show to the encore, where she let the range of her voice really show!

all in all, I was super stoked to finally see her perform, it is the passion and rawness you would expect! juliette lewis is not just an actress gone singer, she lives, breathes and sweats pure rock'n'roll.


  1. OMG I would have loved to see that show!
    I wanted to go to the concert in Vienna but unfortunately it was already sold out :'(