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[march 11, 2018]

Friday, April 1, 2016

muse: drones tour 2016, munich

just a head's up - I have been a muse fan for far over a decade now, and I can't even count how often I've seen them play live, first time being way back in 2006, when they just released black holes and revelations ("what a time to have been alive!").

I had to describe their music to a work buddy on the day of the concert: "so they're basically a trio, with some live keyboard assistance. the singer also plays the lead guitar and the piano. their style in a nutshell: epic rock." (edit: wikipedia says alternative rock/new prog)

fun story: even though I've been to munich for concerts countless times, I can never find my way around the city without navigation. and even then, I still manage to get lost! but we weren't in a hurry since nowadays, I opt for seats rather standing places in large arenas. for the simple reason, that I am a tiny human being and I love a good view of the stage.

me and my friend were in luck, just when we took our seats - lights out, intro on! even though I knew what to expect from a live show, the drones tour was to be something special: the somewhat guitar-shaped stage was set in the middle of the arena, with the flying line arrays hung around it in a circle. I can tell you - the sound was mind-blowing. I would often close my eyes and let it wash through me.

but there was so much to see! as usual, they had a dramatic entrance, lifted on stage by individual platforms. long story short: they had rotating stages, lasers, lights, balloons, confetti, floating light-drones (see the white balls in the picture above) and even a blow-up battleship. 

with all this jazz going on, you might think - "is that really necessary?" from my experience, the answer is: no, but why the hell not?! - for the simple reason, that it doesn't overshine the music. matt's voice is so clear yet almost painfully emotional, in the sense that it really tears at your heart. the way they play their songs might seem almost too mechanically perfect, but it is never a routine.

muse have that rare talent to take their songs from album to stage to another level, it's insane. they take those "non-single-album-fillers" and turn them into hymns of a queen-like epicness. as I always peek at past setlist, I kind of knew which songs they played (most from their newest releases, drones and the 2nd law) but I was in for a surprise: early on, they smashed the chords to plug-in baby, one of my all-time faves. cheers guys!

the setlist in general was a mix of slow and fast/heavy songs, sometimes a bit too one-sided from time to time, meaning too many slow/fast songs after eachother. they could have improved the flow of the songs a bit more (fast/slow and old/new). but the transitions and soli were executed to my fullest satisfaction, if I may say so.

all I'm left to say is: if you get the chance, go see muse live if you're familiar with some of their stuff. they are one of the best live-bands of the present while still delivering great records every other year. 

muse - drones tour
date: march 31, 2016
tickets: category 2 seats, € 64
(€ 1 of each ticket is donated to médecins sans frontières)

check out these songs before attending a show:
(always the last encore!)

PS: music posts are so hard to write, but I love reading them! anybody know of some music bloggers to follow?


  1. I've never been a big fan of Muse, but reading this post I think I really should check them out live!

    1. if you get the chance, maybe at a festival or something. of course, if you're not into his whiny voice, I wouldn't recommend it ;)