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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, April 7, 2016

music memories

this tag was created on youtube by zoe london. I find talking/writing about music really difficult, but I'll give it a try anyway!

1. Your worst gig experience?
terrible sound at the foo fighters set at southside festival 2008, it was the last show on and every single visitor was there. my friend summed it up perfectly: "let's go back to the tent and listen to the CD instead." fast-forward three years, they were on again, same festival - and it rained cats and dogs, even the stage was flooded. luckily enough I have seen my favorite band indoors a few times as well, otherwise I'd been really pissed off.

2. A Music Video that blew your mind?
the first artist that comes to mind are the white stripes. "fell in love with a girl" is one of my faves:

3. Gig that made you lose your shit?
moby at southside festival 2009. I always enjoyed his music, but I never thought his live show would be that good. he used to play in a punk band, so he smashed a few of those old hits, as well as a johnny cash cover and he made me dance to rave. incredible.

4. The band you wished you could join?
foo fighters because taylor hawkins is really hot. haha.

5. A song that reminds you of your partner/friend!
"don't stop believing" by journey is a common favourite and they used to play it as the club was closing down when we started dating.

6. Best gig ever?
hard to tell... intense performances that made me cry include pearl jam, beatsteaks and muse. yep, the latter is probably the best live band in my opinion. same goes for pearl jam, they never play less than 3 hours!

one of my favourite gigs was a biffy clyro show I attended by myself, it was at a small venue back in 2009, so very intimate and - if you know the biff - very intense!

7. The last song you listened to?
spotify says "city of angels" by the distillers. brody dalle can really kick some ass and she's amazing in concert.

8. A song that sums you up?
"times like these" by the foo fighters. "I'm a road that drives away and follows you back home." the foos came into my life when I was around 15, and I was lucky my brother brought me to a festival to see them live shortly after. nowadays they fill stadiums, but they never lost touch to the live crowd.

9. What musical era do you wish you were around in?
definitely 80s so I'd be ready for the 90s! just love the classic rock that was around then, and would have loved to see so many icons live in concert then (david bowie, nirvana, alice in chains...)

10. Surprising music fact about you?
if I heard a song once, I will remember most of the lyrics forever. and I just started learning how to play the ukulele!

share your music looove, people!!