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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

book vs. movie: the martian

I've seen the movie in theatres, found the book randomly at an airport a few months back, and now watched the movie again after finishing the book. review systems are go!

first things first: 
in this case, I am really happy to have seen the movie prior to reading the book. with all the space-science-stuff going on in a foreign language, I'm very happy to already have some sort of picture in my mind.

the plot: 
commander lewis and her team are on a mars mission, when they are suddenly hit by a sand storm, mark watney was hit by an antenna, the crew believed him dead and left without him. little did they (and the entire world) know that he was still alive!

there begins mark's struggle to survive as long as he can, trying to contact earth and further wait for supplies - or even better, rescue! this would arrive in the form of the next manned mars mission, only due in 4 years, with food running out in less than 100 days, damn.

the movie:
with "interstellar" and "gravity" still in mind, a lot of viewers probably expected a more dramatic approach. I have to say, it's actually rather funny and quite real - in the sense IF a manned mars-mission ever happened and how everyone involved would handle it. big up for the movie: the cast lead by matt damon, with some of my favorite actresses (jessica chastain, kristen wiig, kate mara) and a fun little lord of the rings-insider with sean bean. plus: jeff daniels as head of NASA.

the book:
the book is mostly made up of mark's logs, with some 3rd person narrative from the crew/life on earth in between. even though I knew what was happening and how, the book was totally gripping. I only usually read 3-5 pages before falling asleep everyday, here I once read 30 (!) without even realizing it. as mentionned above, the comedy aspect comes across more so in the book, where we have of course pages of pages of mark's logs with quirky little details, and anecdotes from his crew.

book gets a solid 8 out of 10 for being very specific, but also highly entertaining and gripping.
movie stands at 7 out of 10 for being slightly less relatable.

the most thrilling part of his rescue was backed with david bowie's "starman", which has been stuck in my head for 4 days now. I'm happy to share:


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  2. Nice review! The Martian is on my book/movie list, but I haven't found time to check it out yet. Now I'm even more excited about it =)

    1. yay, so I can return the favor and lend you a book finally :)