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[march 11, 2018]

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I'm the storm

I wish I could describe the sky tonight. how the steel-blue runs into a yellow-grey-glow. the way you want to touch the clouds and feel the sparks. the air is dark but clear, if not even enhancing your vision at this early hour. in the distance, the rain dances across the mountain ridges, and a single lightning flashes.

I promise, if I ever feel out of touch with myself again, to re-connect with nature first. I was introduced to the chakras only two wees ago, while I was a little too sensitive about the heart-chakra, one left quite an impression on me: muladhara being the first chakra which roots us with the earth.. think: balance, safety, expression.

the sky is glowing red. I can't help but gasp at the beauty and the power of the lightnings sent across the mounains. it seems insane to not be afraid, when I feel my smile widen. I can hardly take my eyes off of the spectacle above.

I don't feel the temperature drop over the excitement. this is insipiration, it is raw and unrestricted nature. I feel the rage that has built up during the heat of the day.. finally unloading. I can only see the rain fall, reflected in the streetlights, like silent tears of release.

the rolling drum of thunder, as the lightning ripples across the sky, glowing veins, the electric buzz in the air.. I decide to keep a spark for myself. 

I remember being alone in a storm.. not fearing the lightning, but being left on my own.