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[march 11, 2018]

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

baby steps to a humble life

this time last year, I was basically broke. for health reasons, I spent money I didn't have and to top things off, I moved. my habits had to change drastically to save money. so here's to the minimalistic lifestyle, if not completely voluntarily - I haven't looked back since!

the first thing I cut out completely was going shopping for fun. after moving for the 2nd time that year, my wardrobe was already decluttered and I kept clothes mostly in the cool-toned colour palette. this helps A LOT with matching outfits.
and IF I ever needed something, last winter for example I was looking for a proper winter coat, all warm and cuddly - I didn't buy the next best thing. I waited, evaluated, compared and opted for a fairtrade coat which fit my requirements exactly.

I used to dye my hair some shade of red every few months. last october, my hair stylist closed forever, sadly - so I decided to get a natural ombré so I could let my natural hair colour grow out. this hairstyle really stays until you cut it off and it remains looking fab to this day!

a simple first step here was to use up products before repurchasing. after a friend started making her own deodorant (2 parts coconut oil plus 1 part cornstarch and baking soda each) I successfully copied that recipe! some more products I made myself: lip scrub (coconut oil, honey, sugar), body peeling (coconut oil, coffee grounds), dry shampoo (baby powder or cornstarch) and even shampoo (rye flour, water) and rinse (applecidre vinegar, water)!

2016 was the year I went full vegetarian but for ethical reasons mostly. I'm not making a big deal of it, coming from a hospitality background, meat never bothered me nor did I dislike its taste. I just thought, why not?
I'm lucky to work next to a few grocery stores so I can go shopping 2-3 times a week. this way I always enjoy fresh food, and I don't have to think too far ahead. plus, I'm a lot more flexible and food hardly goes bad in between!
one thing to consider though is proper storage: I use old glass jars for storing dry goods to ensure longevity.

so this way, I was able to save a fair amount of money over the course of only a few weeks plus I'm not drowning in stuff and am more aware of how much money I used to spend unnecessarily. hope I could inspire someone!


  1. I think that all of these steps are really great ones not only towards saving money but living a more ethical and less consumer-driven life, so whatever the initial reason, kudos to you and I really hope that your health is in better sorts these days? Not exactly sure what was up and not asking as I know it is private but I hope you are feeling somewhat better!

    Rae | Love from Berlin