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[march 11, 2018]

Monday, August 22, 2016

my hair story #nopoo

I could probably call the current trend AWARENESS and it's by far my favourite, ever. from vegan to cruelty-free, minimalistic to natural ingredients - you name it, I've read into it.

I've always been the sceptical type towards mainstream movements (even anti-everything at some point in my teenage years...) so when maddie from dariadaria.com stated she washed her hair with rye flour only, I couldn't wouldn't believe it. so naturally, on a boring afternoon, I put it to the test.

what I'm working with - state of my hair:
keep in mind, I have extremely dry skin and therefore dry hair/scalp. my dermatologist recommended I hardly/never use soap on my body and only special body lotions. so when it came to my hair, I only washed it once a week in the morning. the evening before, I lathered the ends with coconut oil. I used head & shoulder shampoo and a wella conditioner from my stylist for extra dry hair. I have an ombré so my roots haven't been dyed for almost a year now, one of the main reasons I wanted to go full-on-hardcore-natural!

let's get this started - day 1 / first wash:
it was time to wash my hair, so I used 3 table spoons of rye flour and mixed it with about the equal amount of water. I didn't use too much, since water is present in the shower as well (haha!). I also prepared an apple vinegar rinse (1 cup of cold water + 1 tblsp. of apple vinegar). and off we went.

the first time:
I thought it was hilarous and mind-blowing. the texture isn't dough-like at all, in fact it felt like conditioner. side-note: don't worry about clogging, rye flour is too fine. so, I only put the mixture on my scalp, as what it basically does is picking up excess-oil. I made sure it was also well massaged in at the crown of my head, that's where I find the most grease happens. then I took some extra time washing it out, just to make sure I got all the flour out. then I rinsed my lengths with the apple vinegar - this is for extra shine and cancels out the chalk in the water.

the first feel:
the hair definitely felt different, but in a right way. it didn't feel stripped and my dandruff was already a lot less than usual. will definitely keep at it! it can take up to 8 weeks of getting used to, so I'm prepared for more work.

day 2-3:
this is something new for me, hair is already greasy but only in some parts. want to stretch the next wash out until day 4.

day 4 / wash 2:
so for the second wash I tried a new technique to lather the mixture on my scalp: similar to colouring my hair I sectionned it off and focussed on the scalp and my most greasy areas (crown, beneath the parting and around the ears). the only mistake I made this time was too little rinsing which left some itchy flakes of flour in my hair. after drying however I was able to comb these out easily.

day 5:
since I kept doing my coconut-oil treatment it was too much grease to handle. focussing the flour on my scalp meant still greasy mid-lengths. as I'm now not stripping my hair of natural oils, I will stop adding coconut oil.

fast forward - day 14 / wash 4:
I'm totally acing the no-poo-thing (I hate that word), I'm down to washing my hair around every 5 days, followed by letting them air-dry for sealing in moisture. I've re-added coconut-oil to my routine, adding a teeny-tiny amount to the still damp ends and brushing it through when completely dry.

so here are my discoveries after only 2 weeks:
  • my super-fine hair now has a lovely feel and texture
  • dandruff? what is that?
  • I was surprised my hair doesn't get greasy much faster than before.
  • I can't get my head around the fact I'm only treating my hair with flour and vinegar.
  • similar to the menstrual cup, I'm now on a mission to convince the entire world to try this!
what I would tell you if you want to try it yourself:
  • just go for it, the worst case is you got a bag of flour to bake with!
  • keep in mind, you can only use RYE FLOUR, none other. if it's not super-fine, just strain it before.
  • make sure to put it all over your scalp, I've parted my hair like I was putting dye on.
  • give it a good rinse to get all the flour out, otherwise it might itch. I use lukewarm-cold water for extra shine.
  • it takes some time, around 2 months to transition, however: if you ever use regular shampoo again, all progress is lost and your hair has to start over!
  • what helped me visualize the entire process is this video by sven (his German accent is adorable and his voice is super-soothing) - his hair looks fab!

follow-up after 3 months:

  • hair and scalp are in perfect condition
  • surprisingly no greasy hair even after sweaty workout
  • from washing every 4-5 days at the start back to almost 7 days now
  • argan oil prooves to work better with my dry ends compared to coconut oil (always apply in wet state)