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[march 11, 2018]

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

what my body means to me

got inspired by german blogger nummerfuenfzehn on how she treats her body, and she does so well! as she states, it's unusual to say "I like my hair/face/butt" because that's what others should tell you. like her, I disagree!

let's start from the top: HAIR
a year ago I switched to a natural ombré to match my dark blonde hair and maintenance is zero. in spring, I decided to cut all my hair just above my collarbone as I've always wanted my bangs to match the length of the rest. I did that myself, but I made sure to use a proper pair of scissors. currently I'm trying out the no-poo method using rye-flour and vinegar, but that's for a separate post.

breakdown: scissors € 10 + flour € 3 + vinegar € 3

this is as basic as it gets: water and the classic nivea cream (the really, really greasy one). about a year ago I started the transition to natural cosmetics, right now I'm using a day cream with SPF, over night when I'm feeling dry skin coming up or after taking off make-up I switch it up withsome kind of oil.

breakdown: face cream € 5 + oil € 4

after being insulted by a guy for being "not pretty enough" a few years back I decided to take the FU-route and went completely make-up free for a month, because I don't need to be pretty for anyone at all! now I'm down to only 5 products I use mostly to go out on the weekends: concealer, a light & dark eyeshadow, mascara and a nude lipliner. now being used to my bare face, I feel totally glam with those few bits alone - WIN!

breakdown: 5 products € 20

mentionned this before, I have extremely dry skin. following my dermatologist's recommendation, I hardly use soap on my body and try to avoid full showers. I go in-between those with a cloth to clean the sweaty areas. if needed I only use a dreamily smelling shower-oil with milk, honey and jojoba-oil. I get a special bodylotion for extra-dry skin at the pharmacy.

breakdown: showermilk € 2 + body lotion € 8

never being a huge meat-eater, I switched to a vegetarian diet as a sort of new year's resolution - purely for ethical reasons. due to low iron levels, my doctor actually encouraged me to eat more meat. 8 months on I can confirm that I haven't felt better and fitter ever. ditching meat is still a rather big deal in the country-side, but I've not limited myself strictly. I've had my slip-ups, mostly when I was invited to eat out or to a wedding, and I'm not making a huge fuzz about it.

breakdown: € 200 per month, mostly veggies, fruit and grain

last but not least, get in SHAPE
I like to do sports for fun, like skiing/snowboarding, swimming, hiking and even some biking. over a year ago I started practicing yoga and it immensely improved my posture, agility - and most of all my back aches. they are practically non-existent! I try to get out and about daily, but in summer that's not really happening much due to work. a few months back I decided to book poledance-lessons to build up some more arm and core muscles as well as 'dem abs, yo. to properly feel into your body gives an extra confidence-boost!

breakdown: yoga lesson € 10 + pole dance lesson € 25

so according to these numbers, I spend around € 340 per month on my body. with the bulk being the sport lessons & food, that's not an awful lot. what I take from this is, to treat myself from time to time, and maybe try some new products as well!

look after your body, see it as the vessel of your soul.
don't let anyone tell you how you SHOULD be if it all comes down to you how YOU FEEL!
treat yourself like you would a loved-one, you deserve it.

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