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[march 11, 2018]

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

30 facts

photo: this is me in isengard, pretending to be orthanc.

  1. I love random facts. about anything or anyone. sometimes I read up wikipedia for fun.
  2. I have never been late for school or work. this is the scenario of a recurring nightmare of mine. maybe that's why?
  3. I'm the youngest of 5 siblings, my oldest brother was already 20 when I was born!
  4. I only measure 5'15 or 157 cm.
  5. I can't walk properly in any shoe that has even the slightest heel.
  6. I picked up the english language totally by accident as I was watching cartoon network from age 2. nobody found out I until kindergarden though. 
  7. I've probably seen around 30 bands live before I had my first kiss. that's love, man.
  8. no tattoos or piercings. had my nose pierced a few months ago, but it didn't heal well so I removed it.
  9. my favourite disney movie is lady & the tramp.
  10. next to my fear of heights I am also terrified of the open sea. I can't even dive in computer games, it makes me cringe.
  11. I've been dying my hair various shades of red since age 12, at the moment I'm going back to my natural colour of mousy blonde. blame my redhead-obsession on ron weasley/rupert grint.
  12. even though I identify as a pikachu, I simply loved digimon even more.
  13. my favourite band of all time will have to be the foo fighters, since I've heard best of you back in 2005.
  14. I have already moved five times after finishing school.
  15. if I had to choose, I'd say I'm a dog-person, but just an animal-person in general. finally went full vegetarian this year, and my diet is 80 % plant-based.
  16. I have known my boyfriend for over 10 years, and we've worked together for over 3 years before we fell in love.
  17. I'm named after my grandmothers, elisabeth theresia. had I turned out a boy, my name would have been walter (this is so much cooler now after breaking bad).
  18. I really want to become a teacher when I'm (even) older.
  19. I took the chance and grabbed jared leto's ass at one of the 30 seconds to mars concerts.
  20. I never hold in a fart, ever. and I burp louder than most men I know.
  21. I saved & spent around € 7.000 on a 3-month trip all over new zealand, it was worth every cent.
  22. the next trip I'm saving up for is a treck across iceland with a herd of horses.
  23. I probably own around a thousand CDs and they are all in perfect condition.
  24. I absolutely hate wearing a bra and opt for sport-bras instead - or none at all.
  25. I'm a really bad liar, you can basically read my thoughts on my face.
  26. my best features are my loyalty and empathy, so they say.
  27. my celebrity crushes are emma stone and seth rogen.
  28. my favourite colour is teal.
  29. if  I ever win the lottery, I'll buy a farm and found an animal sanctuary.
  30. just checked, I have been blogging since october 2004 on german platform myblog.de.


  1. I completely agree on #24!
    and I'd love to check out your stuff on myblog.de ;)

    1. haha I think I'm not ready yet to reveal the myblog-beginnings!