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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, September 1, 2016

feeling good in my skin

we all find parts we don't like about our body, there is always a tiny detail to complain about.
growing up, I've never like my nose, it's too long and too crooked. funnily enough, ashlee simpson's nose job was an eye-opener and made me realize:

my nose makes me look like myself.

and that counts for my entire body: my square hips, my bunny teeth, my tiny feet, down to my walk - but also my large eyes, my defined collarbone and even my chunky bum. this is me and it's perfectly fine. plus: I can't change the way I look anyway!

going to poledance lessons, with women of all ages & sizes dancing in front of a mirror, helped me to view my body as I do my colleagues: beauty comes in all shapes. and as soon as I appreciate my appearance, I radiate the confidence I so admire in others.

I now see my features as part of myself, the body is the vessel of the soul for a reason. having always focussed on my inner worth, my wit and humour, I simply cast aside the way I look as "undesirable anyway" but it is still a part of what I am.

and it already shows: nowadays I don't cover my mouth when I laugh, I pull back my shoulders on purpose to open up my posture - and the heart follows. I heard striking a superhero pose helps as well, so I might try that next.

be your own superhero.


  1. I actually really don't like my nose as well but reading this made me look at it in a completely different way. You're so right, every detail or feature of ourselves make us who we are & that's beautiful. Because beauty really is all about being yourself :) x


    1. it really helps to change the way we look at things from time to time! have a lovely day, thank you for your comment :)