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[march 11, 2018]

Sunday, October 30, 2016

halloween: best of easy costumes

halloween was always my time to shine. here's a "best of" my 5 favourite costumes/looks, suitable for the lazy/cheap halloween afficionado!

as I've elaborated before: I never felt pretty in my skin, so I never tried to be. you'd have never found me wearing something daring/sexy/revealing/etc. even though I adored dressing up and make-up!

so naturally, halloween was perfect for me. keep in mind, here in mid-europe, it's not really considered a tradition and even frowned upon, copying american customs, etc. but to me, it's an excuse to dress up! the halloween party in our local pub was always the place to be and I've been going there since I was 15 years old (sh, don't tell mom!).

here's a collection of my best costumes with an easy diy-explanation. I never bought complete outfits/costumes, simply worked with what I had and got creative! it's all down to execution, and most of all: attitude. have fun!

THE FAVE: beetlejuice
I'll start off the list with my personal favourite, I love getting lost in the role! and nobody gets freaked out by my crazy eyes this time of year, ha!
basics: over the years, I was always looking out for a striped suit/jacket - no luck. I did find a white one and sprayed black stripes on it with black hairspray.
optional: striped pants, blouse with frilly collar
make-up: the nastier you look, the better. I used ripped cotton pads, paint and body glue to imitate the mould all over my face/hair. face: very pale, skull-like look. hairspray in yellow/orange/green is essential for the look!

THE EASY: teenage werewolf
this was very lastminute, because I broke my foot the day before - but I still went to the party anyway, bless me.
basics: ears (brown fabric and bobby pins), flanel for the 90s vibe,
optional: cotton pads, brown paint & body glue to imitate fur, fake teeth/fangs, contact lenses
make-up: contour is key, to shape your face like a wolf's snout, define your eyes, cheeks and don't forget the nose!

THE POPULAR: jigsaw doll from saw
this was so ridiculously easy and made such an impact, I dressed up like that back in '07 and people still come up and recognize me!
basics: black pants, black blazer/vest, white shirt
optional: red fly, red tricycle, black converse, red contact lenses
make-up: white base, black/red details, black hairspray

THE INSIDER: the devil from tenacious d
I was prepared for this all year, probably all my life haha.
basics: black outfit with red details, in my case: black pants with red tights, black leather boots, leather corsage; devils horns (mine had lights from amazon)
optional: (cardboard) guitar, pic of destiny, to imitate dave grohl's furry underside, my friend actually made the hotpants out of black fur fabric for me!
make-up: red all over, try wearing as much red as possible (red tights, longsleeve even) and blending out the red towards your hands, I recommend you leave those bare.

THE SASSY: dr. frank'n'furter
admittedly, I was sooo late for the rocky horror picture show-bandwagon. how did I only watch this last year?!
basics: black wig (if you lack curly hair, like me), black/leather pants & boots, and I re-used my black leather corsage for this and simply wore a black top beneath.
optional: suspenders
make-up: exaggerate! I'd recommend watching this great tutorial by youtuber sarah hawkinson here.

lisi's ultimate halloween party-outfit-tips:
  • focus on your top half. if you're going to a party, chances are it's gonna be dark and crammed. this way, the full outfit might not get as much attention as your face, so make sure the make-up is on point. contacts always steal the show!
  • neon colours. some parties started using uv-light, why not invest in some neon face paint? the effect is dramatic!
  • bring a straw. you won't want to ruin your makeup!
  • lazy tip: details. if you're not for dressing up much, wear a funny hat or weird contacts for a statement - but have fun anyways!

what are your plans for halloween? I honestly had this post ready for weeks, but I'm currently in bed with a cold so I hope I'll be better for tomorrow! happy halloween!!


  1. I loooooved the devil costume! I remember how absolutely brilliant you looked :D

    1. thank youuu it was probably the most original idea, but a lot of people actually got it!