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[march 11, 2018]

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

one day, baby

... we'll be old & think about the stories that we could have told.

maybe I'm already old. in numbers, I'm almost 28, but there was definitely a turn I've felt in the past year.

I look back to actions in my life and catch my self gasping "what was I thinking?!" - while realizing, that was me a mere two years ago.

change is good, and I never want to stop evolving. I like to think I'm not afraid of ageing, even though that is easy to say, having not even reached the big 3-0 yet. thing is, I don't think age limits us.

one thing that does, is our health. and maybe that's why I'm living life with my foot on the brake, rather than standing on the edge.

sitting in an office all day, 
I need to exercise my body to achieve a good night's sleep.

limiting myself to a vegetarian diet,
I need to vary my meals.

working a stressful job,
I need to take time for myself and wind down.

I can't use all the free time I get to sleep in mud at festivals, drunk-stumble around islands in SE asia or roadtrip around countries.
I've had my first spa weekend a year ago, and I've already had two more since.

I slowed down my life because I wanted to, and before I had to. I think it all came naturally in a phase of finding myself, letting go of FOMO and my way too high expectations to myself.

truth is, I've already made a lifetime full of experiences. that doesn't mean I'm ready to retire though, I heard the 30s are the new 20s so I'm up for all kinds of mischiefs in a few years, haha!

as a good friend always used to say:
don't give a damn and you'll be fine. simple as that.

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  1. I'm glad you're living life at your own pace, here's to more adventures in the future though :) x

    Sick Chick Chic