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[march 11, 2018]

Monday, December 12, 2016

how I solve problems

step one: know yourself.

this is the easiest and hardest part at the same time. as an over-thinker/analyzer/worrier, I'm constantly counting my flaws. but straighten your back, give yourself a pat on the shoulder and focus:

what do I exceed at?

my biggest trait is, that I take full responsibility. at all times, sometimes even for others. if I have the feeling, that something is my duty, I will carry it to the end, against all odds.

so now when I'm facing a problem - from motivation at work to even being a girlfriend (long time singles, raise your hands!), I simply tell myself: 

this is your job now.
you don't have a choice.
the only way out is through.

so basically, I trick my mind and my emotions. I slightly trigger my strongest feelings, this way, I have a completely new passion for whatever task life throws at me. after all - do I really have a choice? if the answer is no, well then my darling, you've got to get through this.

and the great thing is: "yes, you can." and don't forget to consume the feeling of accomplishment. it's your nourishment for future tasks!

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