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[march 11, 2018]

Sunday, December 25, 2016

I used to write digimon fanfiction

the last unicorn is my ultimate christmas movie.

I don't know if this was part of your adulting-progress as well, but as soon as I could support myself financially, I decided to get some childhood memories I was denied as a kid. so I bought myself the last unicorn dvd.

I still watch it regularly, it kind of takes me to my happy place. I mean, while I do cry at the title theme and at the end, obviously, they're happy tears. to this day, this particular unicorn is the most magnificent being I have ever laid my eyes upon, fictional or not.

a similar feeling of nostalgia strikes my body whenever I listen to the lord of the rings soundtrack. from first reading about the filming way back in school to actually visiting new zealand and the sets, it's an epic package of memories.

honestly, the purest thing about these memories in particular is, that they are not tied to a person. I've seen the movies with lots of different people, the person I've visited nz with is no longer on speaking terms with me, but that does not stain the memory the slightest.

I wish I still had all those stories I wrote years ago. while being so inspired, creating art and words all the time, I really tried to figure out when I stopped, and why. nowadays, I so desperately want that flow back, I feel I'm forcing it too much.

trying to get back into it, I got a proper notebook, made time but still - it's not the same.
what inspires you?

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  1. That last Unicorn is one of my childhood-favourites as well! Purely magical ^_^
    This year I even got two plush unicorns from different people for Christmas :D