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[march 11, 2018]

Friday, December 30, 2016

long-term single vs. relationship

it's been a year now, the transition wasn't always smooth sailing.

to most singles, the ultimate goal is a relationship. I say most, because I never counted myself upon the desperate kind. admittedly, I have been single most of my life. my stats on relationships: 1 year at 18, 2 months at 19 and 22 each.

so there I was last year, at 26. after a short excursion to tinder-land (no thanks), I find myself talking to one of my co-workers. in the small town we live in, we were sort of acquainted for well over 10 years, and had been working together for over 4.

but still, we were never really close, I actually never really knew how to talk to him or what even about. but that summer, he started to stick around on my lunch break. slowly, and steadily, the connection started to grow.

he's an avid musician, always out for a good time and, what I probably value most about him: he's got a great sense of responsibility. his athletic looks are just a bonus on the side, hrhr.

and one drunk evening, I decided to follow him home. we (meaning: he) took his time though, with work and all, but we hit it off officially exactly one year ago. it's actually his birthday, so I simply confronted him like: so, you want me around, with all your family and friends? what are you gonna tell them?!

so this was our little love story. happy end? more like, happy beginning! I enjoy being on my own, and I love my friends dearly. so the balance between WE and ME time was a little struggle, and my male friends evoked some jealousy.

it's hard to admit, but it took me almost all year to get the hang of being a girlfriend. it's a proper job, and you do have to put yourself out there to make it work. I just learned how to cope with my own emotions, now there's twice as much to look after!

after the rough start, I guess we're on a good path now. we both had to acknowledge eachother's quirks and learn to work with or around them. excited for everything new to come in hopefully many more years!!

2015 was about loving me,
2016 was about loving you.

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  1. This is so lovely! While being single should never be underrated, love should not either. Wishing you guys a lovely start to your relationship!

    Rae | Love from Berlin