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[march 11, 2018]

Saturday, December 3, 2016

take the long way home

getting tumblr-vibes from a 1999 bloodhound gang song!
life is an aimless drive
that you take alone.
might as well enjoy the ride:
take the long way home.

I end up thinking about this quote a lot recently. that creeping sense of not having control. a friend of mine recently came back from her travels, and she feels like all she does is tag along and not really grasping what she really wants. 

from experience, I know the hollow realisation of not being able to put your finger on your personal desires, all too well. but interestingly enough, from afar I always offer better advice than to myself. I'd say something along the lines of.. 

"maybe it's not a bad thing to sit back and enjoy the ride. 
what's a week, a month, a season? as an adult, you are always allowed to change your mind."

and I think we are entitled to grow and evolve, even when we're seemingly standing still. I haven't had an hour to just think in weeks, about where my life was going and what I truly wanted. but I'm glad I get to have a reality check with my friends from time to time. 

it all comes down to balance.
don't dwell on the little things.
keep stepping back, looking at the big picture.
that's what matters.

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