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[march 11, 2018]

Friday, December 16, 2016

the bundled wisdom of 2016

what I didn't expect...

  • donald trump to become president of the US
  • right-wing norbert hofer not to become president of Austria (yay!)

history is in the making, and I refuse to be part of the angry mob.
use your brain. your voice. your actions. and in that order, please.

on a lighter note:

what I realized this year...

  • I miss sleeping in dirt next to drunk teens. festival tickets booked for 2017!
  • if I don't consciously decide to take a step back, my body will leave me without a choice.
  • while 2015 was about getting to know myself better, I definitely appreciated myself more in 2016.

what surprised me this year...

  • I can have fun on a halloween party without drinking.
  • I now find a spa weekend highly desirable (had two within a month!).
  • when left without a choice, I can hustle. three jobs to pay back medical expenses, big fat DONE!

  • holidays: spa, another spa, vienna, hiking & pizza in italy, work-related (berlin, stockholm & stuttgart)
  • concerts: bryan adams, juliette & the licks, biffy clyro
  • personal: after an entire year, finally getting the knack of being a girlfriend, haha!

what I'll take with me for 2017...
  • stay true and honest to myself, voice my opinion straight forward.
  • have even more faith in my abilities. I AM AWESOME.
  • remain on my path away from consumerism.

I'm looking forward to some quiet time now,
watching the nieces & nephew enjoy Christmas.
how are you spending the holidays?

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