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[march 11, 2018]

Monday, January 16, 2017

gym: 8 in 12

so I decided to grab 2017 by the balls, right away.

thankfully, I was always sort of in shape, rather on the skinny side growing up with a given gift of endurance. but in my 20s I realised, I'm not a young little mountain goat anymore. clothes got tighter and my back pain got worse.

first yoga worked for me, but after some snowboard tumbles, my vertebrae weren't having it. so I started out with poledance, which really does improve your core muscles. but the set lessons were a drag, so I decided to switch to the local gym.

starting out with biking and some other machines, I kinda liked it. but soon life got in the way of regular visits, and truth is, I couldn't really improve or tell a difference. maybe the regime was a bit too little demanding in hindsight.

however, I had already paid for half a year of membership. so when I got a week off after christmas, I took the chance and went straight for my upgraded fitness routine on Jan 2. it was tough... I despise biking, but I forced myself through.

and then I went every. single. day. 4 days in a row even - there were still some bank holidays. after my first day off training, I could really feel the improvement. hitting the gym every other day has proved a miracle for me.

the gains so far: stronger & more enduring in training, and I hardly feel tired during the day, like ever. I need less sleep and I'm so incredibly motivated to push myself I really enjoy riding that wave. I know I won't lose weight, and honestly, I don't want to. 

as long as my body is pain-free, I'm happy to do whatever the trainers through at me!
simply moving your body is good for the soul.


  1. Keep up the work!
    It's so true that exercise really makes you feel better in general. For me yoga did the trick. However, I always thought it's all bullshit until I finally gave it at try :P