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[march 11, 2018]

Monday, January 23, 2017

how are you?

I'm fine.

if it hadn't been for last weekend, I'd say terrific but that was just a small slip. my period is to blame for that, it did leave me feeling quite drained. sorry for the bad pun.

I'm all aboard the gym train but I won't ramble on too much about that. I'm feeling happy in my skin, like it just fits. I adore cooking and browsing through recipes, trying new combinations - mostly meat-free burgers. can't really recommend a particular page, I randomly joined a vegan facebook group where I see photos of people's meals all day long. talk about visual inspiration!

disclaimer: I'm not vegan, simply enjoy exploring alternatives!

apart from feeling a lot more active & productive, I'm madly in love at the moment. this may sound funny since I've been with my SO for over a year now, but as I've stated here, it took me quite a while to adjust to the girlfriend-status.

but now it seems like I've found the balance between being myself and compromise. it's not always easy, as we differ a lot concerning personal time & jealousy, most of all. but we seem to make it work, and that makes me really happy.

see, as a people-pleaser, I don't like making people unhappy, so I usually work around other's expectations. it's hard for me to draw the line, I let it slip and suddenly I implode. now I try to take a stand more often and try not to fulfill expectations I assume others have of me.

that sounds so weird, and so wrong, but it's the truth. sometimes, we get so narrowed down in an idea that it takes us close to insanity. what I try to do, is turn the situation around, ask myself: what's the alternative? depending on the situation, I transfer the dilemma onto a friend, and see how that would make me feel.

how do you keep the bigger picture in frame?


  1. I have the same problems finding my people-pleasing balance!

  2. Have personally had my own struggled working between being myself and compromise to the point of losing myself in a previous relationship, I stopped trying so hard and found that everything seemed to fit together perfectly in the end, the people who appreciate you generally seem to come a lot easier! x