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[march 11, 2018]

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

my (messy) bullet journal

disclaimer: I didn't use a ruler.

bullet journalling has been all over social media the last months, so here's a quick summary: it's basically a customized notebook, combining lists, trackers, a diary and a planer. ryder carroll developped this forgiving analog system, here's the official website.

on a side note: inspiration is key, and the community is great from what I've seen. credit is given where it's due, and I'll try to do so in my post here as well!

after I've watched close to a hundred youtube videos on the subject (I find them really relaxing), I decided to try a few spreads in my trusty notebook, just for fun. 2017 was just ahead! but unlike all the fancy videos, I started out with a regular pen and my old social security card as a ruler - if any!

"let me be your ruler, ruuuuuuler!"

so I figured, an overview of the first 4 months would be neat, where I noted important dates. this is the so called future log where I dump all the appointments coming up.

on the right side is the monthly habit tracker. this was the thing that got me most excited, as I love documenting random bits, like gym, yoga, cleaning, washing, etc. I added a mood tracker below, to see if my activities and mood somehow align, who knows?

the style:
I know, I know.. I should have used a ruler. or maybe not? truth is, I love messy notes. if I come across a sheet of information without notes, it's simply "not alive" to me, if that makes sense. coming up is the "brain dump" portion:

 books I (plan to) read, movies I want to watch

movies I've actually seen (+ rating, haha) and recipes.

 my notebook came with random bits in it. here's some notes on business trip & wishlist.

this is what I love, you can throw anything in.. recipes, shopping lists, ideas, etc. if you're a list person, like me, this is pure heaven. basically, I've used this system at work for the past 5 years without knowing it: collecting daily to-dos & valuable information. now I can cram MY ENTIRE LIFE into a notebook, without restrictions, it's simply brilliant - or brilliantly simple, actually.

week 1: simple list-diary-style.

week 2: achieved this with my old security card, haha.

week 3: I FOUND A RULER.
tip: add your grocery lists as sticky note, so you can take them with you easier.

week 4: getting ambitious. not sure if design equals usability yet!

so this is the next step, the weekly spreads. a double page seems quite common, depends if your tasks are attached to days or not. after three weeks, I must admit I got ambitious and you can see the development! this last spread was actually inspired by jessica at pretty pretty prints & paper, this video to be precise. the black pen sadly shines through though.

the verdict:
I'm a lot less stressed all together. as long as I know, I can find the information in my notebook, I'm goooood. (remember: brain dump). plus, I adore tracking & documenting my life. and there are no boundaries, I can skip a week, do a new spread, take random notes, doodle.. it has now become a passion and I feel a lot lighter. it also helps my motivation, since I reeeeally want to mark GYM in my tracker!

when the sensation of checking off a to-do is just right.

my inspiration:
I got a lot of input from michaela at betweenthesteps.com, not only through her style and creativity, most of all her positive spirit drew me right in and actually gave me that final boost to start my journal! I can also recommend jasmin at teaandtwigs.de - her (english) youtube channel looks amazing!

continue reading: bullet journalling - 5 months in


  1. That's so cool!
    Actually I'm already writing down almost everything in my little notebook, but it's looking soooo boring.
    I'm really inspired now to give it a make-over :D

  2. I'm such a list person as well! From what I've seen/ heard and read, it seems as though I really do need to get on this bullet train too!

    1. definitely trend-alert, haha! I love how this is a simple way to get creative.