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[march 11, 2018]

Friday, March 31, 2017

fake lives

what do you have to prove?

this morning, I was collecting money at a parking lot. I do this, because it's a service for our clients, and I don't really mind. just for fun, I put on my fluorescent yellow safety vest to look extra professional.

so there I was, collecting a mere €5 for a day's parking - right next to the location, mind. clients have paid shitloads of money for a seminar, wear fancy clothes, drive big-ass German cars... and then they dare, DARE complain about parking fees.

luckily, I wasn't on my own, while I waved them to pass with a smile, the janitor just added "I bet that suit is rented." and I even added "I bet the car too."

and I couldn't help wondering why. why the hell would you go through all these hassles, rent a suit, a car and even money - just to fake the impression of being rich? successfull? important?

alas, I have answered my own question. feel important, that's what they (everybody?) want(s).

personally, I'd rather feel valued than important, I guess you define that yourself.


I try being real most of the time, because failing and erring is simply human. and I like to think I'm making somebody else feel a bit better about themselves when they see the real life I lead. not in a superior way, but in a way that makes it OK for everybody to fail sometimes.

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