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[march 11, 2018]

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

the devil on my shoulder

I'm not a very nosy person, and I have defeated my fomo. my take on our (online-)generation.

for a few years now, I can say I've lived a happy life. if I die tomorrow, I'd be totally fine with that. my life is nowhere near perfect though, it's just a serene acceptance I've come to terms with.

realizing, that you don't have a choice, can actually be a very liberating thought. my friend shai, a greenpeace activist I've met in new zealand, once told me:

"I'm never gonna get rich with this, and that takes such a weight off my shoulders."

and now I understand what he means.. sky's the limit, you can do whatever you want, you have so many opportunities, build a house, plant a tree, raise kids, yadda-yadda-yay.

with all our instagram-worthy lives and marketing ourselves as a brand, it's sort of expected to have that awesome life - taking all those opportunities like studying, travelling, consuming... and get rich and successful while doing so.

no wonder we get so jealous and bitter, when we compare our backstage lives with everyone else's limelight:

"he's so much younger but has a better car than me!" 
- he might still live at home with his parents?

"how is she affording all that stuff while she studies?"
- you never get to see her late night shifts on instagram!

"travelling right after highschool? who could afford that?"
- he might just be lucky enough to have rich parents. boo-hoo.

and don't be fooled, these have actually been my thoughts. for quite a while. I needed to realize: I can't choose my family's income, or my bank account. but I still have the choice how to feel about it. and life can't be fair.

it's like expecting the lion not to eat you
because you didn't eat him.

some matters are simply out of our control and instead of fighting it, embrace it. that's a flow you may as well follow, for our own sake.

on another note: how did this post go from "the chances I didn't take" to "I used to be a jealous bitch?" does that happen to anyone else as well?

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