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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, May 11, 2017

bullet journal: 5 months on & download

sharing is caring, prepared a mood mandala & habit tracker template!

bujo is my jam. I love to document, plan and plain sit down and doodle. read this post is on how I started, and catch up on my set-up after 4+ months:


I first skipped the index because "I don't need it". well, guess what - after you fill an entire book more than 10 pages with your ideas, you DO NEED IT! I just added an extra sheet with washi tape in the front, easy.
(the "treasure inside" was part of the notebook, a really nice touch!)


definitely need more space next time, maybe 3 months per page. and borders. this ended up crazy wonky. and maybe a seperate space for birthdays in my case!



ditched the sleep tracker halfway through april. I do suffer from lack of sleep and my doctor recommended I stop stressing about it too much. focussing on the hours doesn't help! may page inspired by AmandaRachLee (youtube).




I use a seperate journal at work, so this is mainly for leisure and appointments. also, I like to document weather and what I ate in a clean way, so boxes are a must in each variation! the last banana leaf spread was inspired by miss louie (youtube).


the monthlies are redundant for me, got the future log. I don't  have that many tasks outside work (where I use dailies), but will have a separate post on my work journal soon.




fave's include: annual expenses (tend to forget these!), movie list, lipstick collection & my ultimate grocery list, inspired by tinyrayofsunshine (blog).

so simple: I write down all my groceries, use a pencil to mark items I need, take a photo on my phone before shopping, erase - and reuse! I've made an entire section for my lunch salads, I kept foretting what I can put in it! never again!


I made a template for my habit tracker, after all: I use a blank journal! all those lines!!! plus, for june I've decided to try the mood mandala, as inspired by boho berry (blog) & created by bujo.mama (instagram).
sharing is caring, so you may use these if you like!


are you part of the bujo-fam, what do you like most about it?
or are you sick of the hype? let me know!


  1. the mandala thing is awesome - definitely need to try that!

    well, me next bullet journal will need to have more pages - or even better: one where you can just add/take out pages

    1. it's a journey :) I did a rough guess how I'm using mine now, should work for the entire year and already have the next lined up! would you share yours? PLEEEAAASE! :)

    2. Actually, you inspired me with your new blog in German, and I'm contemplating setting up a second blog myself - if I ever get around doing that, my Bullet Journal will be one of the first things I'll talk about!

    3. YAY! always happy to inspire! whatever gets the wordjuices flowing.

    4. I already have tons of blog-post ideas that don't fit my regular blog - all I need now is a good name. You can help my brain-storm ;-)