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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, May 4, 2017

no-poo #3: the verdict

it's now been close to a year, here's the honest verdict.

if you have no idea what I'm talking about, make sure to read post #1 how I started and post #2 my follow-up after 6 months.

so after close to a year here's what I found out:

  • my hair sorta feels disgusting on day 1 but gets better from day 2 on. like reverse from what I'm used to!
  • I still wash my hair only once a week, but could go longer without.
  • sunday is now hair-day. with mixing and rinsing, it does take a bit longer, but it's a fun little ritual.
  • since I'm not using shampoo, I'm not using any other artificial hair product either.
  • I'm using corn starch as dry shampoo, sugar-water as hairspray and argan oil for shine/against fly-aways.
  • I stopped doing the vinegar-rinse, my scalp seems to be a bit sensitive. but it does give extra shine, so do try it - even after shampoo!
  • the flour only de-greases my hair, it doesn't clean it properly. around once a month I add a teaspoon of coffee grounds to the mix. it's a bit of a pain to rinse out but boy, IT CLEANS. and gives the scalp a good old peeling.
  • travel-wise, I only did short trips. but once I decided to bring a small bowl with a lid, flour and even a whisk and do it in my hotel room - worked like a charm!
  • one of the reasons I started was growing out my natural hair colour. I do still lighten my ends and colour them with directions, that hasn't affected my scalp at all however.

some little tips outside the no-poo universe:

  • heat protectant is a lie. tight rolling is the way to go!
  • wet hair is very delicate, absolutely no rubbing or brushing! 
  • use an old shirt to dry your hair and twist that turban on your head, it's a lot less irritating thanks to the tight-knit fabric.
  • air dry if you can.
  • if you use hair oils, apply them to damp hair. lets it work its magic better! (fyi: same goes for body lotions, actually!)

as you see, I will continue to ride the no-poo train.
are you in/on? does it creep you out?

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