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[march 11, 2018]

Saturday, May 27, 2017

no-poo #4: sudden death

as I'm writing this, I'm ready to give up.

>> start out with parts #1, #2 and #3 to follow my entire no-poo journey with rye-flour.

so I'm not really sure how, what and when it happened. it was a slow transition, were my hair got grosser each week. gross meaning greasy, dull and straight up disgusting to the touch. it could be the change in seasons, a hormonal rearrangement, who knows.

when my hair felt particularly dirty in the past, I added some coffee grounds to the rye flour-water-mix, that usually did the job of getting my scalp squeaky clean again. not so much anymore - and the dandruff got worse.

so here I was, greasy-gross hair with flakes upon flakes of dry skin - just after washing, mind! I tried one last resort: let some argan oil sit on my scalp, then mix an egg with some water and apply to my roots. I'm not even kidding, egg is said to dissolve grease, made sense. I was giggling the entire time, it felt so surreal. 

I even found half a bottle of beer in the fridge, so decided to rinse with that as well, known to benefit the hair. that was yesterday, now I'm sitting here, writing these words. to be honest, the lengths feel a lot softer, but my scalp is in a sad state. 

luckily, my sister was ready with some natural soap for my plan b. I feel like I've failed, but I simply have no more joy in my hair and its appearance. I won't continue if all I have to do is hide. so thank you, no-poo, it's been quite a ride - almost a year! maybe I'll find out why it suddenly stopped working for me, after all this time, so stay tuned!

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