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[march 11, 2018]

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


the internet is dark and full of terrors. but it also connects people from around the world with similar interests, like katrin berndt's facebook group. if you don't know katrin, she's a swedish youtuber, mainly focussing on tattoos and not giving a fuck (to keep it short).

a few months ago, she decided to create a facebook group for all her followers, and the bottom line: it's marvellous. "we" are now counting over 4.500 members from around the world, with similar interests, but still so different! to me, it's like a virtual youtube festival. members share their stories, ask for help, open discussions.. because sometimes the person you need the most is a stranger on the other side of the world who just gets it.

so one of my fellow members Aleksandra is running her own youtube channel, and she created her own "the sixten tag"! after a quick overlook on the questions, I decided to give it a go. you can find her video below!
  1. one situation from a dream that seemed completely obvious and logical in the dream but would be totally ridiculous if it happened in the real life?
    I have super entertaining dreams recently... like beyonce having a lecture at my old school and showing us her tattoos, which were mostly neo-traditional mushrooms on her legs.
  2. what dish or snack from another country you would like to try and why? 
    I want to eat every fruit and vegetable known to man. I was never a particularly picky eater and am open to try anything!
  3. how do you like your coffee and/or tea? 
    I'm a simple woman. black coffee, no sugar in either. a dash of milk in black tea, that's all.
    I drink tea throughout the year and I adore coffee. problem is, my body can't really handle it. it makes me dizzy and I can barely sleep.
  4. something that happened to you that you think is movie like/cliche?
    our trip to south east asia was like a college-road-movie. 5 out of 6 people ended up in hospital, we were stupid-drunk most of the time and I lost my passport in the ocean a day before flying home. and that's the short story!
  5. can you share a random childhood story?
    I  picked up the english language totally by accident as I was watching cartoon network all day from age 2. a few years later, my mom puts me to bed and jokingly says: "good night my little girl" and I, the little PC shit I was, answered "good night my big mother". that's how they found out I could in fact talk in english! they then let my sister talk to me, and they were all baffled. 
  6. one person you don’t know that well but really adore anyway?
    probably some of my favourite youtubers, like zoe london, lily melrose, qcknd and lauren!
  7. some words that you like just because you think they sound cool? 
    "rubber ducky"
  8. what mood feels the most "you"? 
    others might say when I'm really angry, that was my "signature mood" a few years ago, haha. now I feel the most "me" when I'm totally in balance and nothing can knock me out of a good mood.
  9. have you ever continued watching a movie only because you thought one of the actors was cute? What movie/actor was it? 
    I'm pretty sure I've never stopped a movie.. in recent months, I've been enjoying attractive actors A LOT. favourites are: tom hardy, james mcavoy, ryan gosling, ansel elgort, james franco, jake gyllenhaal, johnny depp (classic), just to name a few!
  10. what do you usually do when you have a treat yo' self day? 
    I buy tons of vegetables and cook a proper dish, maybe even bake something. creating a meal has such a therapeutic effect on me. then off for a good read or a nice movie and top it off with a glass of wine and a bath. perfection.
  11. one thing you thought was ridiculous that you ended up trying and loving? 
    electronic bikes. first thought: this is for old people who can't move. second thought: this is actually great, look how far I can go!
  12. things that surprised you when you started doing YouTube? 
    we used to upload random videos and listen to music 10 years ago. I would have never thought that youtube would become the business it is now! I love the content people share, their thoughts, tutorials.
  13. how did your adventure with the internet start? how old were you and what websites would you usually visit? 
    it all started back in 2001, I went on a sailor moon fan page. my brother set up my account there and stated I was only 9, when I was in fact 12 already. that was super embarassing!
  14. what’s one thing you probably should stop doing but aren’t going to? 
    definitely drinking coffee, see #3.
  15. can you snack in a reasonable way or are you an all or nothing kind of person? like you eat nothing or everything and there’s no in between.
    I do try to eat proper meals instead of an entire bag of crisps, but if my body craves it badly, I'll obey. life's too short to NOT eat that cake!
  16. if you could join any learning class for free then what would you pick and why? language/sport/subject
    I'd really like to pick up something "handy", like sowing or fixing pipes etc. my boyfriend's family consists of handymen and its so inspiring!
As promised, here's Aleksandra's video!